[PREMIERE] Gitkin - Whiskey Road

[PREMIERE] Gitkin - Whiskey Road

Gitkin - Whiskey Road (Five Star Motel)

Gitkin re-branded, sold and traded knock-off Gibson guitars. It took him to most corners of the USA, passing through big, smoggy cities and nowheresville small towns. His nights were spent at not-so-salubrious motels, places where he’d cross paths with newcomers and immigrants to the States from all four corners of the globe. His illicit musical wares were his way of making a connection. He’d strike up tentative, half-understood exchanges; part old stories and legends, part musical dialogue, part rough-and-ready riffs. There is a Sudanese influence on Whiskey Road. The Jumbush is used on this along with electric guitar.

"Incredible treats for your ears...it comes together beautifully" - Lauren Laverne (BBC 6Music)

"Grand Street Feast is quite simply a marvellous track" - Laurent Garnier

"Love it" - Rob Da Bank

Pre-order album (April 6th) and single on Bandcamp :

Diffusé le 29 mars 2018.
Broadcasted March 29th 2018.



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