Mr Pal «The Soulful Spirit!»

Bag’o’grooves Show with Mr Pal «The Soulful Spirit!»
Listen Early to Modern Soul, Dope Funk and Rare Grooves From the planet!
From the 50’s to actual sounds. DJ Mix 100% Vinyls.
« A Soulful Expression of the Living World! »


Bag’o’grooves #4

13 Jan 2019 @ 18:00

- The Starting tune with the down tempo Thesda « Bongo Lumbo ».

- Crossover moment: With Rhythm Masters « Black conversation » , Main ingredients « Work to do », Body & Soul « Easy to be hard », The Mist « Life walked out », The Chosen Few « We are the Chosen Few », The Energetic’s « You make me nothing », Skip Mahoney & Casuals « Town called No-where », and The Famous Whatnauts « World ».

- Sweet Lounge Session: With Sylk « Lost and Lonely », followed by Steve Elliott « One more time », Francine Toliver « I see Heaven », Pin Points « Misfit », Marlon Hunter « Cruisin », Jack Sass Band « Where is the love », Together Band « Calif Curl, Calif Girl », and Aged in Harmony « You’re a melody ».

- Modern Soul & Disco Time: With The Tams « This precious moment », followed by Samuel Jonathan Johnson « Sweet love », Rahni Harris « Syncopated Love », Pulse « Sunshine », Smoke « You will always be a part of me », Hamilton Movement « She’s gone », Chuck Corby « See you when i get there », Traffic Jam « I can’t get over you » and Eddie and the Movements « Alive and Kicking Disco » from the Virgin Islands.

- Deep Soul End show: With The Professionals « A part of being with You » From Belize, followed by Little Janice « Since you’ve been gone », Johnson-Hawkins-Tatum & Durr « You can’t blame me »,The Ambassadors « I really love you », Francis Reneau « I hear you calling », James Knight & the Butlers « Just my Love for you », and Lee Moses « Bad Girl Part 1 & 2 ».

- The Finisher with The Soul Anthem by Wendy Rene « After laughter ».

Bag’o’grooves #3

16 Déc 2018 @ 18:00

- Starting tune with Penny Goodwin « What's goin' on".

- And we go with Ronnie Keaton classic « Going down part 2 », Prince Geno "Brand new man", Jimmy Jules « Come on get your gift", Ted Coleman Band "If you Took the time", Nimbus "Free yourself", Marvin Holmes & Justice " Kwame", Cymande "It's Magic" ...

- After we go on Modern Soul sweet session with People Pleasure « eavenly Feeling », Gaturs "Concentrate", General Lee « We did it baby", Chicago gangsters "I Choose you", Bean Brothers "Without you", Bliss "You will always be", Flowers "For real part 1", Vise "Baby, I love you", Ray Frazier "Your eyes" ...

- And after we go on Crossover moment with Sebastian Williams « et over », Unifinished Business "Holding on", Ice » I just asked me", Gentle "Easy Greezy", Tolbert Family "Ride the Gospel train", Sabebe "Sabebe", Claude Robert "Singing and dancing", Revelation" Morning star" ...

- The Gospel interlude with Power of Your Love « He's allright" and the Deep end show with Ike Noble & Means of Persuasion « One way street".

- Followed with the Finisher tune by Daz’ René « I'll never love anymore"

Bag’o’grooves #2

18 Nov 2018 @ 18:00

- Starting tune with Robert Brown and The Politers « Are you ready ».

- Continuing with Melton Bros "Living in the city", Brothers by Choice, Thrust Too "Survival of the Funkiest", Michelle, McNeal & Niles "Summertime", Street Life, Starcrost "Flow".

- Sweet side Crossover moment with Lil Albert « Movin in », Oscar Perry "Love Lick", Tal Armstrong "So much feeling", Bobby Glenn "Hey love", Ingram Kingdom "He's mine", Love People "Love & Affection", Heaven and Earth "Nature miracle", Eddy Gross "Message to the people" and the Esther Williams classic!

- Motivated Uptempo winners with Calvin Carver « Deal with it », Fresh Fruit, Manu Jotti « Shake », Flo Lollis « Cut Back", Flame'n'King "Happy Day", New Love LTD "Tudo Bom", Masters of Music "Trouble", Africano and J.J Barnes "How Long".

- And the last part, come back on Sweet and Deep Feeling with Crosstown Express «Let me try», Crack stepping «What we gonna do», Filmotions «Young Girls», Minority band «When you’re crying», Optimistics & New Sounds, The Fabulous performers, J5 «Big Boy».

- The Finisher with Love by Marva Whitney «This is my quest».

Bag'o'grooves #1

21 Oct 2018 @ 18:00

- The Starter tune by Al Dos band «Doing our thing with pride»

- Crossover Soul All long mix with : Robert Cotter, Sapphire, Blue Velvets, Diddy’s «Intergalactic Love», Breakaway, Ralph Young, Message Untold, Rivage, The Thompsons, Sylvester Jackson, Reality «Ice», Solid Gold Revue, Crystal Image, Rappers Unlimited, Standards Of Living, Franky Gee, Larry McGee «The Burg», Energies, Kool Blues, Eleanore Mills, George Smallwood, Round Robin & Brimstone ...

- The Disco Stuff interlude with Franky & Jamo, and Reality «Road»

- The Sweet Soul mini part with bands : 9th Creation, Sahara, Icemen, Sweet and Innocents, Continental IV …

- The Finisher, the Famous Eunice Collins «At the Hotel part 1 & 2

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