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Heartbeat Selection

Melik & Luc Supra


Heartbeat Selection #41

03 Oct 2018 @ 23:00

The Artistic Sounds - What you give
Jazmin Lacey - 90 degrees
The sound 75 - 安来節/島根県民謡
Nicole Willis & the soul investigators - Blues downtown
The Minits - Still a part of me
Barett Strong - Man up in the sky
Mass Production - Sun Dancer
Stiletto - Nocturnes
Eric Tagg - Livin off the love
Full Circle - Kick it
Hot Islands - American Tango
The 3 Pieces - I wish can William
Green sisters - Win place & show
Lenny White & Twennynine - Movin on
C Brand - Wired for games
Noel Pointer -_Phantazia
Joe Sample - Rainbow seeker
Tony Sylvester - Cosmic lady
Mr Fingers - Missing you
The Cyrcle - The visit
Billy Foster & audio - I need your love
New sector movements - Feel the spirit
John & Beverly Martyn - Say what you can
Cy Simmons - Star
Sizzle - Love is all around

Heartbeat Selection #40

05 Sep 2018 @ 21:00

Leonard Cohen - Avalanche
Buffalo Springfield - For what it's worth
Dieter Reith - Love and fantasy
Evinha - Olha o futuro
Twinkie - Praise the lord
Bobby Moore - Anything man
Harris & Orr - You opened my eyes to the world
Fame - Runaway hide from love
Pages - Clearly kim
Plunky - Turning on to me
Sam Davis - Keep on praising him
Cotonete - Layla
Bebeto - Princesa negra de angola
Mita - Ao vivo com voce
Zorina - For your love
The Vibrations - Getting higher
Rivas - Carried away
Dave Samuel - New math
Hiroyuki Namba - Wanna kiss
Glenn Riccs - Keep on dancing

Heartbeat Selection #39

12 Juin 2018 @ 21:00


Isao Suzuki - A day of the sun
Heat Waves - Visible horizon
Kunihiko Sugano - Felicidade
Mikio Masuda - Mickey's samba
Kiyoshi Sugimoto - Yeh boogie
Takayuki Hijikata - Smash the glass
Richie Havens - Gay cavalier
Willie Tee - Walk tall
Martha Miyake - Summertime
David Axelrod - 1000 rads
Eddie Ban - Orient express
Bobby Womack - Trust your heart
Marlena Shaw - No one yet
Steely Dan - Deacon blue
Hiroshi Sato - From me to you
War - Galaxy
LTD - Dance'n sing'n
Genobia Jeter - Call on jesus
Jah Wobble - Beat the drums for me
A. C. Marias - Just talk (instrumental)
Donald Byrd - House of the rising sun
Bernie Leadon & Michael Geogiades  - Glass off


Heartbeat Selection #38 w/ ALIX ZERD (JAPAN)

16 Mai 2018 @ 21:00

Karin Krog - Just holding on
White Elephant - More to love
Scott Cunningham - Anita
Nilo Toledo - Ain't no sunshine
Kaze Chorus Dan - Kimi ha toberu yo
Sandra Sa - Breviver
Lucia Turnbull - Aroma
Lonnie Hewitt - Newsroom
Shirota Yuko and the Sunshine Babe - Children under the sunshine
Exhaust Beat - Milestones
Honma Express - Idle curiosity
Thomas Almqvist - Sun signs
Osamu Mizukami - Flower moon
Hiroshi Satoh - For your love
Joanne Brackeen and Ryo Kawasaki - Trinkets and things
Yoshio ''chin'' Suzuki - Persian breeze
Kurumi Shimizu - Dolaso
Judy Anton - Living in the city
Nobu Saito - Without end
Youjin Rainbow - Pineapple walking
Culross Close - Slow your stroll
Brian Benett & Alan Hawkshaw - High Diver
Testpattern - Sea Breeze
James Moody - Unchained
Florian Pelissier Quintet - Jazz Carnival
Cold Blood - I got Happiness
BB King - Philadelphia

Heartbeat Selection #37

18 Avr 2018 @ 21:00


Gene Harris - Theme from Relana
George Duke - Yana Aminah
Skylite - Boogie butt
Blacksheep - Without a doubt rmx
Troubleneck brothers - back to the hip hop
Godchild - La tête qui bout
Sharod - Schoolin' Supra quick reedit
Joni Haastrup - Free my people
Michael Gregory Jackson - Rising up
Kassav' - Lague moin
Carl Marshall & the SD's - Crazy
Merl Saunders - Aunt monk
The Vibrations - Getting higher
John Sumo - Langwe mba
Billy Cole - Jump the gun
Sky - Put some love in what you do
Brylho - Se voce for a salvador
Ronaldo Reseda - E novamente mas que nada
Memphis Horns - Keep on doin' it
The Chaplin Band - Let's have a party
Gift Of Dreams - Funkincise
Carlos Morgan - Shake your body
Bobby Lyle - The genie
Herbie Hancock - Give it all your heart

Heartbeat Selection #36

21 Mar 2018 @ 21:00

Tracklist :

Junior Parler - Tomorrow never knows
McNeal & Niles - Untitled
The Awakening - Freedom road
Ruby Andrews - You made a believer out of me
Me'Shell - Dred loc
Leon Huff - Your body won't move
Hokis Pokis - Nowhere
Alton McClain & Destiny - Sweet temptation
Switch - Best beat in town
Brutal Force - The number of the groove
Pleasure - Joyous
Dexter Wansel - Disco lights
Hudson People - Trip to your mind
Hiroshi Sato - Mezame
Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - No deposit no return
Capone n Noreaga - Capone bone
C.sen - La vraie La Belle
Organized Konfusion - Stress Extra P rmx
City news - Bustin loose
Jimmy Bennet and the family - Hold that groove
Friction - Watching you
Michael Boothman and family tree - So dey say
Family circle - Haven t seen nothing
Universal Robot Band - Disco Boogie Woman
Tony grey-  Time factor 
Cesar Mariano - Futebol de bar
Arthur Russel - Pop your funk 7"mix
ESG - My street
Lionel Hampton - Vibramatic


Heartbeat Selection #35

21 Fév 2018 @ 21:00

Tracklist :

Freddie Hubbard - Uncle albert
Jimmy McGriff - Cakes alive
Labi Siffre - Summer is coming
George & Gwen McRea - Mechanical body
Thelma Jones - How long
Extra Special People - It's a miracle
Gap Band - Messing with my mind
Raimbow Team - Bite the apple
T-motion and Group - Love light
Magyk Band - Monaie
Wabine - The martian visit
Earth Wind and Fire - Faces
Dez-Art & Stormey Ground - Feeling all right
L. Stone - Straight forward
The three degrees - Collage
Toni Tornado - Me libertei
Dreamcast - Liquid deep
Electro keyboard orchestra The heated point
Donnie Hattaway - Memory of our love
Leroy Hutson - Positive forces
Marcos Valle - A paraiba naine Chicago
Starbound - Party in the city
Boncana Maiga - Zourou
Blackbirds - City life
Grotto - When will I learn
Eddy Grant - Nobody's got time
Aleqs Notal - Doin’it


Heartbeat Selection #34

24 Jan 2018 @ 21:00

Hugh Masekela - Child of the earth
Ramsey Lewis - Golden slumber
Billy Brooks - Fourty days
Gene Harris - Put on train
Al Williams - Sundance
Spontaneous Combustion - Miss your presence
Jaisun - Keeping it to myself
Starship Orchestra - Serious business
Alex Rodriguez - Quetepe
Leroy Hudson - Blackberry jam
Francine Babe - Some people like
Dee Edwards - Put your love on the line
Magnum - Squivatch
Evinha - Que bandera
Jorge Ben - Ma ma ma mae
Rare silk - Storm
Pudgee the fat bastard - Whatever
The miracles - Do it baby
Richard Schneider Jr - Hello beach-girls
Hiroshi Sato - Soratobu jūtan
Tchoum - African woman cry
Randolph Baker - Getting next to you
Splendor - Sunny side up
Boban Petrovic - Djuskaj
Disconnection - Bali Haï (US Discomix)
Ben Sidran - About love
Larry Saunders - Fly away love bird

Heartbeat Selection #33

29 Nov 2017 @ 21:00


Bobby Williams - I will sing for you
Lee Moses - Time and place
Dwight Thomson - The lover
David Oliver - Friends and stranger
Al White - We need the blood
Francisco Roque - Bate papo
DJ Rogers - Love shuttle
Bobby Story - I got a suspicion
The Soulsetters - Big mama jackson
Solid Gold Orchestra - Tracks of love
City Lites - Now you've gone away
Arnaud Rodrigues - Estoria infantil
Sir James - Been converted
Velvet Hammer - Party hardy
Cotonete - Cabo
Descendants of Mike & Phoebe - Too little too late
Paul Altreides - Arrakis walk
3rd bass - Derelicts of dialect
Bobby Patterson - I got to get over
David Lampell - I ran Iran
Kashif - The modd
Tim Maia - 3 em 1
Thelma Houston - Any way you like it
The True pages of life - Truth and love
Chuis Ejenolu - Inner vision
Doc & prohibition - Nothing is changed
52nd Street - Express

Heartbeat Selection #32

02 Nov 2017 @ 21:00


The Players - Galaxy
Noriko Miyamoto - My life
Nancy Wilson - Morning in your eyes
James Walsh - Bring yourself around
Water & Power - Mr weatherman
The Crowns Of Glory - Ain't no sunshine
Eddie Cornelius - Release yoursef
Minnie Ripperton - When it comes down to it
Veronique Sanson - Y'a pas de doute
Nolen & Crossley - Satisfied
Ost - Two o'clock jump
Black Pearl - Black pearl
Lonnie Liston Smith - A chance for peace
Dexter Wansel - Life on mars
Chikara Ueda - Cloudy
House ost - Eat eat
Yukihiro Takahashi - Elastic dummy
Bill Withers - Close to me
Ojeda Penn - Brotherhood (D.edit)
Nimbus - Hold me close
Panache - Get down
Oneness Of Juju - River luvrite
Roxy Music - Avalon

Heartbeat Selection #31 w/MR PITIFUL

12 Oct 2017 @ 21:00

Matthew Larkin Cassel - Ecoutez
Gloiria Jones - Tin can people
Cerrone - Music of life
Boscoe - He keeps you down
The Miracles - Do it baby
Johnny Adams - Feel the beat
Embryo - Wajang woman
Vangelis - Let it happen
James Vincent - Space traveller
Future flight - Walk don’t run
Broomfield Corporate Jam - Stop
Gnonnas Pedro & his Dadjes Band - Kalapchap
Aleqs Notal - Disparity
Pierre Cavalli - Uma vitamina faz favor
Sossega Leao - Tequila
Quero Sambar - Quero Viver
Bobby Humphrey - Harlem river drive
Groover Washington Jr - Mixty motions
Arp 101 - Groove
Eddie Harris - It’s all right now
Destroyers - Lectric love (Rong reedit)
One blood - Be thankful for what you’ve got
Sky King - What don’t you take us
Groove and the gang - Jazz & Boogie
Mr Pitiful - Old New

Heartbeat Selection #30

06 Sep 2017 @ 21:00

Monty Alexander - Love and happiness
Weldon Irvine - Homey
Cumulo Nimbus - Weedhopper
Melvin Sparks - Who's gonna take the weight
Steely Dan - Babylon sisters
Clausel - Let me love you
Game - You and me
Ohio Players - Streakin cheek to cheek
Together Band - You can't run from love
El Debarge - Don't get down like that
Roots Manuva - Next type of motion (rmx)
Badbadnotgood - In your eyes
Jah Wobble and Holger Czukay - Hold on to your dreams
Roy Haynes- Senyah
Delasoul - Dininit
Lord Finesse - Here i come ( Large pro rmx)
Brief encounter - Human
Rasa - Chantin'
Spilt Decision Band - SDP wants you to groove
Saadet Gürses - Ay bie tane
Christian Gaubert - We're together
Commodores - Gonna blow your mind
Badbadnotgood - Boogie n°69
Lady D - You got me runnin'

Heartbeat Selection #29

12 Juil 2017 @ 21:00

Maracaibo - maracaibo cornpone
Ramsey lewis trio - bold and black
Getatchew kassa - birtukan wey lomi
Eddy louiss - insomnie
Brother mudada - tambourine lady
Split decision band - my love just for you
Ruriko ohgami - play boy
Madeira - rice and beans
Jivaroo - breakin in
Arts & craft - i've been searching
Arthur russell - in a light of a miracle
Beck - paper tiger
The hollies - draggin my heels
Honey smugglers - listen
Cotonete - earth overshoot day (vox low rmx)
Maximum joy - building bridges

Heartbeat Selection #28

14 Juin 2017 @ 21:00

Don friedman - hope for tomorrow
Renzo fraiese - finalmente
Seawind - the devil is a liar
Shu-ga - make it hot
The dramatics - whatcha see is whatcha get
Cotonete - earth overshoot day
Electro keyboard orchestra - mother of the future
Shirley finney - give your best to the master
Marumo - khomo tsaka deile kae
Ryojiro furisawa - wan-nyago
90 degres inclusive - revolution
Max romeo - rise up
Raul marrero - perdoname
Cotonete vs dimitri from paris - paribbean disco
New jersey connection - love dont come easy
Crown heights affair - you've been gone
Christopher cross - ride like the wind (joey negro edit)
Imitation - watashi no suki na kuni
The cure - a forest

Heartbeat Selection #27 w/ Betino

17 Mai 2017 @ 21:00

- Hiroshi Yoshimura - Creek
- Yoshio Suzuki - Dancing snow
- Shigeo Sekito - The word part II
- Tonto's expanding head band - timewhys
- Larry Jon Wilson - Ohoopee river bottomland
- king James Version - Won't have time to worry
- Tamami Koyake - You wanna rain
- Don Costa - Nigger Charley main theme
- Turning point - Weight
- Pedro & Capricious - Superstition
- Earth Wind And Fire - Star (12inch version)
- Jose feliciano - I second that emotion
- Hiromasa Suzuki - Watermelon man
- Second direction " freeland
- Ghalib Ghallab - sunlight
- The Diddys - my special love
- Jorge Ben- ela mora em matogrosso
- Luv - crazy changes
- MD-20-20 - listen to the rhythm band
- Thunder & Lightning - Bumpin bus stop part 2
- The Big Hustle - Faure is the magic number
- Washington Jam Band - gonna get your cherry
- Assagai - Telephone girl
- Ernest Ranglin - Soft touch
- the Révolutionnaries- freedom dub
- Steely Dan - Your gold teeth
- Rene Geyer Band - Split milk
- Walter Wisenhunt - I am saluting you for your love

Heartbeat Selection #26

19 Avr 2017 @ 21:00

Takeo Moriyama - Watarase
Eddie Russ trio - Natasha
Mixed Bag - La Margarita
Toshiyuki Honda - Burnin Waves
Dino & Sambello - Feels so good
Jorge Ben - Eu quero ver a rainha
Sabebe - Sabebe
Wildfire - Dance with me
Andre Tanker - River come down
Funkees - Dancing in the sun
Georges Happi - Monica
Coach House Rhythm Section - No such thing (instrumental)
Chosen Few - We are the chosen few
Petula Clark - i'm not in love
Florian Pelissier quintet- J’ai du rêver
Batteaux - Tell her she’s lovely
Ben E King - Spoiled
Ehri Ohno - Living inside your love
Claude Rodap - Tempête
Jorge Ben - Curumin Chama Cunhata
Joe Pass - Better days
Archie Bell & the drells - Strategy
Billy Love - Melloghettomental
Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks - No Facetime (errors)
Calvin B. Rhone - I believe
A band called Flash - Mother confessor

Heartbeat Selection #25

22 Mar 2017 @ 21:00

Joki freund sextet - yogiana
Michael naura - listen to me
Francis bebey - rwanda
The advancement - painful struggle
Michael naura quintet - down in the village
E.w.wainwright jr - the healer
Cosmology - phases of the moon
Sir john roberts - do you believe in fate
The emotions - blind alley
Roslyn & charles - told to tell you
Simon & garfunkel - america
Don blackman - holding you loving you
War - LA sunshine
Hector lavoe - el cantante
Clare fisher - descarga
Johnny hammond - the prophet
Beginning of the end - that's what i get
Minako yoshida - monster stomp
Gladys knight - it's better than good time

Heartbeat Selection #24

22 Fév 2017 @ 21:00

McCoy Tyner - Love surrounds us everywhere
Jimmy Messina - Do you want to dance
Alphonse Mouzon - The jogger
Paul Pene - I'm gonna make it alright
Bloodstone - You dont mean nothing
Franky & Jamo - set me on fire
The McCrarys - Baby i'm for real
Gladys Knight - Love is always on your mind
Le Stim - Tribute to M.A.
Ashford & Simpson - One more try
Gaston - Clap song
Green Sisters - Win place and show
Air- Realize
Robert Maalouf - Ana wil leyl
Kozmetica - Utisci LS Quickie
Caesar Frazier - Funk it down
John Kasandra - Down home up’s
Joy Unlimited - Homunkulus
Paul Hart - Undergroove
Dwight Thompson - My woman is calling
The Equals - Mystic sister
Eu - Eu groove
Sy Higtower& the near future - Cold man
Eri Ohno - Skyfire
Ministry - Cold life
Wood brass and steel - Are you busy

Heartbeat Selection #23 w/ Emmanuel Bricaire

25 Jan 2017 @ 21:00

Marius Cultier - Qui Coule Manman-Ou
Zimba trio - Poliedro
Maxi - Lover To Lover
Cassieta George - Let's get together
Lost generation - This is the lost generation LS quickie
Luciano Fineschi - High Fever
Ruyichi Sakamoto - Plastic Bamboo
Kazumi Watanabe - I’ll be there
King Sporty - Homegrown
Lalomie Washburn - Give me love with the music
Cedar Walton - Beyond Mobius
The Ashantis - Everybody's Groove
Glass Prism - Here You Are
Solaris - You and me
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Sweet Rain
dean devener - so close to you
ed kelly & friend - pippin
scherrie & susaye - in the night
XTC - nearly africa
heikki sarmanta & jeannine otis - magic song
nick ingman - thong (kenny dixon edit)
paul haig - my kind
pink rhythm - india
tappa zukie - freak (version)
hugh masekela - give it up
barry reynolds - scare myself
colored music - heartbeat
lynsey de paul - strange changes
paul mccartney - secret friends

Heartbeat Selection #22 w/ Blackjoy

30 Nov 2016 @ 21:00

richard schneider jr - regina's dance
azymuth - linha do horizonte
eleanore mills - teach me baby
chiemi manabe - B3
marti caine - love the way you love me
lim taylor - the world is in a bad situation
saundra - got a new pair of shoes
jeffrey turpin - party time
IGG - Igg theme
touch of class - i'm in heaven
oliver - how time flies
david crosby - orleans
john coltrane - mr day
don cherry - universal mother
shusha - banafsheh
tony williams - piskow's filigree
lee perry & king perry - three blind mice
tapper zukie - man ah warrior
elmore judd - bass bully
MFSB - mysteries of the world
bobby lyle - groove
dj rogers - if you didn't love me
john klemmer - free spirit
the gospelaires of dayton O - god helps those who help themselves (instru)
kid creole and the coconuts - going places (rmx)

Heartbeat Selection #21

02 Nov 2016 @ 21:00

howard univercity jazz ensemble - chit'lin
chet baker - love for sale
jun fukamachi - noah's ark
mass production - cosmic lust
hart familly - overworked
hitomi tohyama - love competition
mimi kobayashi - if the season
rudy love - disco queen
benard ighner - and it all goes round and round
risqué - starlight
hiroyuki namba - who done it (part2)
Yasuaki Shimizu - Umi No Ue Kara
Norman Connnors - Maiden voyage
A tribe called quest - Start it up
K-Otix - Questions
Prana People - Wishful Thinking
Natural high - Time Is Wasting
Clarence Reid - If It Was Good Enough for Daddy
Hyldon - Homem pássaro
Hugh Brodie & The Real Thing - My Baby (Left Me Standing Alone)
Sy Hightower - I Know You're Leaving Me
Vernon Burch - Do it to me
Solaris - Music Mind
The Cyrkle - The Visit (She Was Here)

Heartbeat Selection #20

05 Oct 2016 @ 21:00

hosono - mercuric dance
hosono - the paradise view
moggi - danza galattica
double image - rodney's dream
wendell harrison - ginseng love
barry white - you're the one i need
slim ali - we're gonna sing a song
truth and devotion - bless my soul
barbara mason - darling come back home
billy griffin - hold me tighter in the rain
everlife - have a good time
reality - road
jiro inagaki - elocution
eumir deodato - skyscrappers
friends of earth - in my jungle
Kadhja Bonet - Honeycomb
Arnold Blair - Trying to get next to you
Axel F - Sofa coins
Helio Matheus - Mais kriola
Wild fire - The dealer
Ambergris - Play on player
Gangstarr - What do you want this time ( LucSupra instant treat)
Travis Biggs - Fly like an eagle
The Kazu Matsui project - Midnight shuffle
together band - calif curl calif girl

Heartbeat Selection #19 w/ Thomas Pasquet (French Attack)

07 Sep 2016 @ 21:00

Edu lobo - crystal illusions
Celeste - cinco e triste da manha
Alex malheiros - papaia
Renzo fraiese - finalmente
Shirley caesar - stand the storm
Googie and tom coppola - let this river flow
Patrice rushen - music of the earth
Jorge ben - ela mora em matogrosso
Letta mbulu - normalizo
Raul de souza - at will
Kristle -i'll go
Afro funk - farewell to ibusa
Orchestra julian - caracas
Jacky giordano -jumbo flash
Azymuth - manha
Les masques - il faut tenir
Antonio dolfo e a brazuca - transamazonica
Malcolm's locks - get up stand up
Gary byrd - soul travellin
Harlem river drive - s/t
Tom scott - today
Ray bryant - up above the rock
Voz de cabo verde - viva libertad
Joel fairstein - umbra
Hilario duran - ere para ti
Belle farms estates - puddin
Max berlin - she and i
Tullio de piscopo - primavera

Heartbeat Selection #18

13 Juil 2016 @ 21:00

Sentimental city romance - b1
Masaru imada - green caterpilar
Womack & womack - mpb (folk version)
Joey gilmore - it's here
Junko ohashi - in your lovin
Rufus & chaka - what am i missing
Sunbear - don't overlook the feeling
The choice four - come down to earth
Gregory jolly - what'em doing is my business
Ronnie laws - nuthin bout nuthin
Roselyn & charles - god is
Keith barrow - world of lonely people
Rudy love - love electricity
Peggy younghung up strung up
Lalomie washburn - give me love with the music
Keiko project - midnight shuffle
Harold melvin - baby you've got my nose open
Juanita goochifrita - go funk yourself
Yutaka yokokura - dragonfly
Azymuth - may i have this dance
Talking head - slipery people (mix)
Testpatern - ring dance

Heartbeat Selection #17 w/ Soulmate

15 Juin 2016 @ 21:00

Archie Whitewater - Cross country
Junior Parker - Taxman
Rupert Holmes - Philly
Haruomi Hosono - Bara to yaju
Susan Cadogan - Do it Baby
Sammy Burdson - That's Fancy 1
Intelligent Hoodlum - Street Life (Return of the Life Mix)
Joao Donato - Malandro
Taeko Ohnuki - 都会
Vernon Garett - Something went wrong
Carlos dafe - De alegria raiou o dia
Larry T and the family - I'm moving on
Deep heat - Do it again
Chain reaction - Search for tomorrow
Kiki Gyan - Disco Dancer
Lucie Stone- Giving love instead of gold
Soulmate selection
Switch - A brighter tomorrow
Jan Hammer group - Dont you know
Lee Oscar - Haunted house
Fantasy Three - It's your rock
Alan Kaufman - Ivory fantasy #1
Rexy - Funky butt
The quick - One light in the blackout
Caldera - Sky island
Nu Guinea - The birds rejoice
Omni - So good to see you
Billy Paul - It's critical

Heartbeat Selection #16

18 Mai 2016 @ 21:00

zerosen - thermostat
sanctuary - disconect
breakaway - who was it this time
sammy and count buffalo - gotcha
the edwards generation - are you ready
the aferton project - nowhere
delon - hey you
allspice - slipped away
manfredo fest - slaughter on tenth avenue
izumi kobayachi - concrete wave
phylliss - life
letta mbulu - vumani makhosi
the JB's - blow your head
newstar band - instrumental
Azumuth - Linha do horizonte
Bar Kays - Fighting fire with fire
Cedar Walton - Road island red
Little Ann - Deep shadow
Florian Pelissier Quintet - Les masques africains
Gil Scott Heron - 1980
Organised confusion - Numbers
Dj rogers - celebration
Donna mc ghee - Mr blindman
Some of things - Sept b2

Heartbeat Selection #15

20 Avr 2016 @ 21:00

Barbara & Ernie - play with fire
Chuck Mangione - carousel
Nohelani Cypriano - lihue
Ian Dury - inbetweenies
Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone - gimme gimme
Curtis Mayfield - billy jack
Alan Parker - that's what friends are for
Azteca - mazatlan
Zalatnay Sarolta - hadd mondjam el
Del Jones - vibe ing theme
Washington Jamb Band - funky get down
Rivage - shanana
Betty Griffin - free spirit
Night Moves - transdance
Vis Idoli - amerika
Depeche Mode - big muff
Die Zwei - wanted the tyrell corp
Nemesis - after the storm
Boot & Tax - sublime
Mr C and Co - love dub
Manfredas - square light (secret mix)
Don Carlos - Mediteraneo
Danyel Gerard - le vieux de la montagne (edit)
Alain Bashung - madame reve

Heartbeat Selection #14

23 Mar 2016 @ 21:00

Herbie Hancock - Cantaloup Island
Blackalicious - Attica Black
Edgar Broughton band - There's no vibrations but wait!
The Roger Webb sound - Heavy lace
Can - Halleluwah
Change of pace - People
Joe Thomas - Polarizer
Sweet Linda Divine - I’ll say it again
CCPP - Prancaï
Kassav' - Kalagia
L.O.T.U.G - Mad skills
Panache - Every brother ain't a brother
The politicians - Free your mind
The Four Tops - Feel Free
Don Blackman - Yaba Dabba Doo
Sounds of JHS 126 Brooklyn - Chill pill
Wood Brass and Steel - Welcome to the party
Grupo los YoYi - Tu no me puedes conquistar
Lee Gagnon - Les passagers du vent
Disco & Co - Dollars and francs
Bahaus - Kick in the eye
Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue (Extended dub mix)
Le Gents - Stank-ee beat
Brenda Harris - Making love will keep you fit

Heartbeat Selection #13

24 Fév 2016 @ 21:00

the the - jealousy of youth
cullen knight - once you get it
bobby hutcherson - rain every thursday
magnetic touch - just in the nick of time
cotonete - inside outside
clymax - dance how yuh feel
gladys knight - taste of bitter love
chuck armstrong - something got a hold on me
cloud one - don't let my rainbow pass me by
bill withers - you
Weldon Irvine - Love your brother (sanctified)
Eddie Kendricks - Hold on
Ramsey Lewis - Brazilica
Jeffree - Mr fix it
Jiro Iganaki - Scratch
Cream de coco - Disco strut
TomGrant - Turtle soup
Diana Ross & the Supremes - Everyday people
Juan Pablo Torres & Algo nuevo - Con todos los hierros
Community people- Education rock
Mighty Pope - Sweet blindness
The Gherkin jerks - Red Planet
John Howard & Co - The word is out (dub)

Heartbeat Selection #12

27 Jan 2016 @ 21:00

O ji ji -The shadow
The Dynamics - Funky key
Clive Hicks - Think Twice
Vivian Reed - Down here in the ground
The Dizzy Bats - Leroy the magician
Intercity Sound Association - Rush hour
Lite year - Do the funky dog
Manhattan rythm - Sweet lady
Passage - I see the light
Esther Williams - I'll be your pleasure
Emilio Santiago - O amigo de Nova York
The edge of Daybreak - Eyes of love
Corky McClerkin - Searching for the soul
junior tucker - take a message
soul throbs - little girl
bruce ruffin - get it up for love
crusaders - spiral
masanori sasaji - hot taste jam
mojo funk - sore lip
janice mcclain - giving my love
twinkie - power
marc laroi cumming - struggling together
miss lene - sinal de desejo
e.t. webster - my music

Heartbeat Selection #11

02 Déc 2015 @ 21:00

red house painters - mistress (piano version)
takeshi inomata - the death of janis
finnish big band jazz - ufologu
dieter reith - uschi
second direction - praeludium
ryo fukui - early summer
romano mussolini - blues for alexandra
melba moore - the thrill is gone
obatala - tight rope
tru tones - dancing
derrick harriot - black skin blue eye boy
yonca studio ork - yekte
Dalida - Je me repose
Heatwave - Star of the story
Zérozen - Cool head
S o u l - Peace of mind
Benny Johnson - Second to none
Atlas - Play it cool
Marvin Gaye - Woman of the world
The willow band - Willow man
Goblins - Snip snap
Ice - Funky lovin
Idris Muhammad - Brother you know you’re doing wrong
Undisputed Truth - Ufo's
Wish - Nice and soft
Mona Finnih - I love myself

Heartbeat Selection #10

04 Nov 2015 @ 21:00

hiroshi sato - high times
john david souther - midnight prowl
yumi arai - anata dake no mono
mose davis - been thinkin bout you
the loving sisters - cosmic conciousness
ezy & isaac - got to move
the alexander review - snidely whiplash
exile house - we the youth
john lee & gerry brown - celebration
LFO - we're back (remix)
harumi hosono - platonic
the other people place - lifestyle of the casual
hiroshi sato - awakening
Hiroshi Sato - Jo Do
Sabu Martinez - My Christina
Sofwith Camel - Fazon
Jorge Mautner - Maracatu atomico
Ray Johnson - The deep end
Allen Toussaint - Soul sister
Joe Thomas - Mr Mumbles
Gene Harris - Zulu
Deniece Williams - Watching over
The Miracles - Give me just another day
Ohio Players - Ecstasy
Dj Rogers - Listen to the message
Parlet - Help from my friends
The perfect circle - The hands of time
Willie Wright - Right on for the darkness

Heartbeat Selection #9

07 Oct 2015 @ 21:00

bob kane - green bungus
ed kelly - pippin'
penny goodwin - too soon you're old
mario capuano - soul talk
john martyn - big muff
wendy & bonnie - let yourself go
the clark sisters - ha ya
T. Honda - greasy spoon
steam heat - frozen tundra lady
the impossibles - give it up
hubert laws - family
mariya takeuchi - plastic love
dc larue - indiscreet
joe simon - love vibration
Christine Harwood - Wooden ships
Jean Claude Petit - Chinese song
Paul Jackson Funk times three
Bahamadia - Wordplay
Da fat clique - My tracks
Organized Konfusion - Why?
Syl Johnson - Concrete reservation
Albert King - Born on a bad sign
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Searching Rmx
Guilty Simpson - It’s a man’s world
Patsy Gallant - It’ll come around
Soul Children - Stir up the boogie
Dexter Wansel - Theme from the planets
Bamboo - Hustlers of life

Heartbeat Selection #8

09 Sep 2015 @ 21:00

nate morgan - journey into nigritia
sexteto do beco - flutuando
tenorio Jr - nebulosa
arthur russell - hidding your present from you
matt johnson - another boy drowning
leon thomas - shape your mind to die
mysterious flying orchestra - shadows
the earth disciples - getaway train
puzzle - state of mind
opa - montevideo
mandre - solar flight
chuck davis orchestra - spirit of the sunshine

Atomic Crocus - Ombilic Contact
Marc Moulin - Le beau galop
Ruby Andrew - Casanova
Tommy McGee - We ought to be together
Weldon Irvine - I love You
Kelenkye Band - Jungle music
Tyrone Davis - Is it something you’ve got
Garden of Eden - Everybody’s on a trip
James Reese - Let’s Go (It’s summertime)
Skye - Ain’t no need
Georges Smallwood - Roller coaster demo
Use Sukatma - Waiting for your love
Ménage a trois - Big street
Maxayn - Bail out
First planet - Top of the world
Francisco - Wache

Heartbeat Selection #7

15 Juil 2015 @ 21:00
Art Blakey - Anthenagin
The education of Sonny Carson OST - Girl girl girl
An elephant called slowly OST - An elephant called slowly
Honey baby honey baby OST - Baalbeck
Willie Dynamite OST - Willie chase
Apres ski OST - Le doux renard
Sundance - Yea Yea
Jeremy Steig - King Tut Strut
Starfire - Make the most of it
Fanfair - Gotham Odyssey
Gordon Henderson - The highest bidder

James Mason - Slick city
Patchwork - Manchild
Diamond Lung - More smoke
Dieter Reith - Orita
Michel Jonasz - Les wagonnets
Eddie Russ - I Heard that
Mc Neal & Niles - Summertime
Christine Mcvie - Keep on going
Masterplan - Just a fantasy
Johnny Hammond - Fantasy
Strangers - Step out of my dream dub
Marz - Seriously
Hampton Hawes - Web
Cesar Mariano & CIA - Métropole
Melvyn Price - Happiness

Heartbeat Selection #6

24 Juin 2015 @ 21:00

Bjorn jason lind - Bull dog
Jan Akkerman - Streetwalker
Ifetayo - Ifetayo
Monguito Santamaria - Martinez
Tony Bizarro - Nao vai mudar
Emilio Santiago - Amante amado
Elkin & Nelson - Jibaro
Olli Ahvenlahti - grandma rockingchair
Maritza Horne - Subway Baby
Edwin Starr & Blinky - I'm glad you belong to me
Tomorrow's people - Open soul
Gloster Williams - The Message

The supreme jubilees - it'll all be over
Bennie Maupin - Water torture
Rasa - Question in my mind
The ice man's band - It's down to that
La clave - Sally goes round
Donald Byrd - Places and spaces
Gladys knight & the pips - On&on
Charles Earlans - Dance America
Mr Fox - Smooth talking
Candi Staton - You got the love
Wolf - Why you do me

Heartbeat Selection #5

20 Mai 2015 @ 21:00

Boz Scaggs - Hercules
1619 BAD ASS band - For a taste of your love
Jeffree - Love's gonna last
Shuggie Otis - Happy house
Joao Donato - Patumbalacunde
The Lewis connection - Higher
Prophecy - Betcha can't get my sign
The Junkyard Band - Sardines
Donald Banks - Status Quo
Martin L Dumas & Jr - Attitude Belief & Determination
Earl Flint - People hold on
Greyship Daviz - This groove is on the loose
The Ashantis - Hey you
undisputed truth - sandman
jorge dalto - stella by starlight
minako - rainbow sea line
mc neal and niles - quiet isle
horace silver - senor blues (vocal version)
steve davis - lalune blanche
bubbha thomas - survival song
jade - start with the children
rim - believe in yourself
charly kingston - nimele bolo
people's choice - if you gonna do it
holy ghost - walking on air

Heartbeat Selection #4

22 Avr 2015 @ 21:00

Roy ayers & Wayne henderson - Step into our Life
Larry Ellis - Funky thing
Diamond - Gather round
Jay dee - Only one can win
Kid Dynamite - Uphill peace of mind
Zinc - Punkulation
Plastic Bertrand - Stop ou encore
Christian Gaubert - Sweet Maryline
The Equals - Born ya (live)
The Sylvers - Am i truly yours
General kane - I'm the man
The clash feat Futura 2000 - The escapades of
Midnight blue - Clean up Your act
Cloud one - Flying high

Georges Russell - Manhattan
The Harvey Averne band - Gotta have brotherhood
Carol Anderson - Ain t givin' up
Norman Weeks and the révélations - I Will stand on it
Clarice Labbe - No other love but you
The Yoruba singers - No intention
Lena Horne - Maybe i'm amazed.
The Imperials - I wanna be your loving man
Sweety G - At the place to be
Teletron - What Time
Silicon soul - Who need sleep tonight
Talking Heads - This must be the place
Gnonnas Pedro - La musica en vérité
Ronn Forella - Crystals
War - Magic Mountain
Modern Romance - Rapsody en salsa
Tirogo - We like to party

Heartbeat Selection #3

20 Mar 2015 @ 21:00

Irma thomas - anyone who knows what love is
Mildred clark - 2000 years
Sst - soft soul transition
Larry jon wilson - sheldon churchyard
Natalie cole - annie mae
Chaka khan - stay
Joe jackson - it's different for girls
Patrice rushen - kickin' back
Cedar walton - the girl with the discoteque eyes

Aretha Franklyn - Daydreaming
Carolyn Franklyn - Sunshine holyday
Bobby Lyle - Groove (ain't no doubt about it)
Alan Silvestri- Slim
T sky Valley - Catch the beat
Royal Flush- Funk Power
Gunchback boogie band funn dub
Trouble Funk - The beat
The Extra T’s - I like it
That’s how it is - The beat is over
Allen Bros & co – Cool Fool

Now now now - problem
Deep experiment - ambiessence
Aaron carl - shy
Suggardaddy - love honey
Glenn underground - afro gente
Blair nightlife

Heartbeat Selection #2

25 Fév 2015 @ 21:00

richard h kirk - worldwar three
natalie gardiner - can't quit you now
beaumont hannant - T60160293
art farmer - soulsides
brand new heavies - never stop (pal joey instrumental mix)
release music orchestra - sundance
torn sail - birds
nicolette larson - lotta love
terry callier - ordinary joe
rotary connection - sunshine of your love
merry clayton - forget it i got it
janet helms - the sweetest life
lloyd and the joys - new york business
rufus and chaka khan - you got the love
charles earland - drifting
jackson jones - i feel good put your pants on
codek - tim toum
freaks - electric imbalance
la batterie - let there be drums
nitzer ebb - captivate
lb bad - new age of faith
lil louis - nyce and slo
walter hawkins - metropolis

Heartbeat Selection #1

28 Jan 2015 @ 21:00

Simon and garfunkel - bleeker st
Csn - dark star
Karen beth - it's over now
Arthur russell - you and me both
Eddy grant - where you going to my friend
Alexander robotnick - love supreme
The osmond - iii
Gonzales - just let it lay
Chocolate milk - my mind is hazy
George and glen miller - easing
Awb - stop the rain
Miroslav vitous - basic law
Liquid liquid - group me group
Jiraffe - out a the box
Universal jones - feeling that glow
Ballin'jack - try to relax
Gary bartz - make me feel better
Sly and familly stone - remember who you are
Hp riot - i've changed
Premonition - your love is in the pocket
Toni esposito - je na
Slave - baby sinister
Theo parrish - get got
Edwin birdsong - good lovin brings an encore
Ingram - dj's delight
Kitty winter - feel it
John l watson - rockin chair
Marboo - what about love
Steve winwood - time is running out
Atlantic conveyor

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