La Messe de Don Camilo

Don Camilo

Collectionneur de vinyle depuis l'âge de 15 ans. Activiste musical aux influences multiples, il voyage aujourd’hui à travers le monde grâce au chant. ll fût l'un des membres du Blundetto Sound Sytem avec Max Guiguet programmateur historique de Radio Nova et Jérôme Caron. Il a collaboré avec de nombreux labels et producteurs tels que Manu Digital, Jamafra, Tom Fire, Raggattack, Crudobilbao, Brigante Record, et fonde aujourd'hui son propre label Heckle & Jeckle avec d'autres passionnés

absolution musicale sur l'hotel des platines, avec des vinyles tel des osties..


La Confesse de Don Camilo #4 w/ Charq

28 Juin 2019 @ 14:30

Pour cette quatrième édition de La Confesse, Don Camilo invite Charq !

Don Camilo
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La Confesse de Don Camilo #3

17 Mar 2019 @ 16:00

Pour cette troisième édition de La Confesse, Don Camilo invite Aurelio LostGrooves!

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La Messe De Don Camilo #5

17 Juin 2018 @ 18:00

La Messe de Don Camilo #4

25 Fév 2018 @ 16:00

Intro messeLes Passantes - George BrassensLes Passantes - La Banda Municipale de Santiago de CubaLa Juana - Grupo Canalin de TimbiquiTout Petit - Las Hermanas Caronni   Les amoureux des bancs publics - Koshiji Fubuki Itsuki-No Komoriuta - Chiemi Eri Unknow - Oum Kalthoum Bo Mambo - Yma Sumac  Ojai - Joe Lutcher A Dream - Blilly 'Red' Love EEE OOO - VOODOO - Red Callender Sextet The hammer keeps a knockin' - Faye Adams Fool Burro - Mabel Scott PU-CHUN-GA - Elena MaderaLouisiana - Percy Mayfield Los Chucos Suaves - Lalo Guerrero y Sus Cinco LobosImprovisando - Fruko y Tesos A la memoria del muerto - Fruko y Tesos Las Caleñas son como las flores - the latin Brothers La Pata y el Pato - Climako Sarmiento y su Orquestra Hong Kong - Michi Sarmiento y su Orquestra Pacifico - Afrosound Guajira van - N.1 de N.1 Better change your mind - William Onyeabor Ne te fache - T.P Orquestre Poly-Rythmo Aihe ni kpe we - T.P Orquestre Poly-Rythmo Take your soul - The Sahara All Star Go slow - Fela Ransome Kuti & Africa 70

La Messe de Don Camilo #3

04 Fév 2018 @ 18:00

Intro messe 45t
La Rei Dei Conti - Ennio Morricone
Avalanche - Léonard Cohen
The Partisan - Léonard Cohen
Lover Lover Lover - Léonard Cohen
I put a spell on you - Screaming Jay Hawkins
The way you do - Jimmy Nolen
Stop Knockin' - Juantita Nixon
We'll never meet again - The Midnighters
She's gone too long - Roy Brown & His Mighty Mighty Men
You're Lower than a mole - Camille Howard
Cherry Wine - Little Est Her
Don't be ashamed - The 5 Royals
Love Love Love Dream - Gene Wilson & His Genies
Back in the Block - Sam Anderson & The Telstars
Bossa nova and grits - Little Joe Washington
Hang em hight - Jackie Mitoo
See a man face - Prince Moonie & Horace Andy
See a man face - version dub
Guiding star - The Heptones
I shall be release - The Heptones
Version - Heptones & Sound Dem
We're in the mood - The Heptones
The mood version - The Heptones
I don't know why - Delroy Wilson
Version - Delroy & Sound Vendors
Mr Bassie - Horace Andy
Truth and right - Johnny Osbourne
Take a ride - unknow
Ain't no sunshine - Ken Boothe
Super Love - Junior Soul
Give me your love - Curtis Mayfeild
Baltimore - Nina Simone
I heard trough the grapvine - Marvin Gaye
Bang Bang - Stevie Wonder
Nora se va - Bronx River Parkway
Rocombey - Lord Cobra & Pana-Afro Sound
El mensaje - Los Fabilosos Festival
I just want to make love to you - Muddy Waters

La Messe de Don Camilo #2

10 Déc 2017 @ 12:00

Pale blue eyes - velvet Underground
The Edge - David Mc Ullan
Que Lio - Willie Colon
Perfidia - Nat King Cole
Les amours perdu - Serge Gainsbourg
La recette de l'amour - Serge Gainsbourg
La javanaise - Juliette Greco
Demain tu te marie - Patricia Carlini
La découverte - Patricia Carlini
Parceque tu crois - Charles Aznavour
Ne boude pas - Richard Anthony
Susie Q - José Feliciano
What the world need - The Chambers Brothers
Victim of love - Charles Bradley
Loving you baby - Charles Bradley
Troubles Heartches - Anne Peenles
For your precious love - The Impressions
That you love me - The Impressions
The gift of love - The Impressions
Believe on me - The Impressons
You're made for me - Sam Cooke
There î've said it again - Sam Cooke
Too young to love - Larry Mashall
Eternal love - j. Opel
Eternal love - Horace Andy
Endless Memory - Roy Panton
Let's get together - Johnny & The Attractions
Cross my heart - Johnny & The Attractions
Reach Out - Phill Pratt
Let the water dry - Ken Boothe
My conversation - Slim Smith
Give me the right - The Heptones
Theme of the Gun Court - Mudies all stars
Love without feeling - The Heptones
Gone is love - John Holt
Don't run away - Barrington Levy
When the lights are low - Joya Landis
Plain golden ring - Nina Simone
El corazon - Bronx river parkway
Decimas del folklore venezolano - Isabel y Angel Parra
Rio Manzaneres - Isabel y Angel Parra

La Messe de Don Camilo

22 Oct 2017 @ 15:00


City call heaven - Mahalia Jackson
Summertime - Mahalia Jackson
Sometimes i feel like a motherless child - Louis Amstrong
Nobody knows all the trouble i feel - Louis Amstrong
Dream a little dream of me - Louis Amstrong & Ella Fitzgerald
Plaisir d'amour - Joan Baez
House of the rising sun - Joan Baez
Don't let me be misunderstood - Nina Simone
Sunday Morning - Velvet Underground
The girl i left behind - Bob Dylan
Mean Woman - John Lee Hooker
Uptight good woman - Dan Penn
A fool can see the light - O.V Wright
Faithful Man - Lee Fields
Keep coming back - Menahan Street Band
Lights out - Menahan Street Band
Ca - Ba - Dab - Soûl Swingers
Peace Dance - Woody car
Grooving is easy - Treesong Stringfellow
Treat me right or Leave me alone - Eddie Finley & The Cincinnati Show Band
I will find a true love - Lee Bonds
Lost and Looking - Sam Cooke
Summer Time - Same Cooke
Nobody knows the troubles i ve seen - Same Cooke
Wonderful World - Sam Cooke
After Laughter comes tears - Wendy Rene
Love at the first sight - Wendy Rene
I wish i where that girl - Wendy Rene
Bang Bang - Sheila
Le temps de l'amour - Françoise Hardy
Un jour comme un autre - Brigitte Bardot
Black March - Gainsbourg &Alain Goraguer
Angoisse - Gainsbourg & Alain Goraguer
Black Trombone - Serge Gainsbourg
Du Jazz dans le ravin - Serge Gainsbourg
Requiem pour un Twister - Serge Gainsbourg
L'eau a la bouche - Serge Gainsbourg
Noche de ronda - Nat King Cole
Quizas Quizas - Nat King Cole
Malaguegna - Trio Los Paraguayos
Que Sera Sera - Doris Day
China Gate - Nat King Cole
Unknow Chinese Song
Walking in the tain - Prisonaires
Image - Nina Simone
Strange Fruits - Billie Holiday
Solitude - Billie Holiday
Getting some fun out of Love - Billie Holiday
My baby don't care for chose - Nina Simone
Baby please don't go - Rose Mitchell
Baby please don't go - Jo Ann Henderson
Metche Dershe - Mulatu Astaqe
Yekermo Sew - Mulatu Astaqe
Production Vido Tche - Ogassa
People darker than Blue - Curtis Mayfield
People darker than Blue - Lloyds Charmers
Bedroom Mazurka - Keith & Tex
Vers toi seigneur - Éternel est son Amour

Don Camilo #4 - Rocksteady session

04 Mai 2017 @ 23:00

Intro accap Bed Mazurka
Prople get ready - Slim Smith
Rock Steady - Hopeton Lewis
Let's get together - Johnny & the Attractions
Seven Heaven - The Hippy Boys
This music got soul - Hopeton Lewis
Cross my heart - Johnny & The Attractions
Endless memory - Roy Panton
If i could rule this world - Alton Ellis
Satisfaction - Carl Dawkins
Strange things - John Holt + Dub
Artibella - Ken Boothe
Mr Bassie - Horace Andy
See a man face - Horace Andy + Dub
Guiding Star - The Heptones
We're in the mood - The Heptones + Dub
Love won't come easy - The Heptones + Dub
Give me the right - The Heptones
My conversation - Slim Smith + Dub
Girl like Dirt - Slim Smith & The Uniques + Dub
I can't stand it - Alton Ellis & Lloyd
Lonely street - Conquerors
Last train to expo 67 - Melodians
Stop that train - Keith & Tex
Bedroom Mazurka - Keith & Tex
Children Children - Scotty
Tonight Dub - Pablo & The Crystalites
Quiet place - Horace Andy & John Holt + Dub
Fu Manchu - Desmond Decker
Isrealites - Desmond Decker
007 (Shanti Town) - Desmond Decker
I am going to take over - Ethiopians
Mr Chatter Box - Robert Marley
Police know who dem a look fah - Upsetter
Love of common people - Eric Donaldson + Dub

Don Camilo

31 Mar 2013 @ 18:00
Mahalia Jackson - Summer Time
Billie Holiday - Yesterday
Ondatropica - Reyes de la Terapia
Ondatropica - Cumbia Especial
Ondatropica - Rap Maya
The Ethiopians - Train to Skaville
Carl Dawnkins - Satisfaction
John Holt - Strange Things
Ken Boothe - Artibella
Keith & Tex - Bedroom Mazurka
Scotty - Children
Serge Gainsbourg et Jane Birkin - Je t'aime moi non plus
James Brown - It's a Man's Man's World
Nina Simone - Don't let me be Misunderstood
The Animals - Don't let me be Misunderstood
Rolling Stone - Paint in Black
Jacques Dutronc - Le responsable
Les Gammas - Satisfaction
David Bowie - Rock & Roll Suicide
Leonard Cohen - Lover Lover Lover
Sheila - Bang Bang
Stevie Wonder - Bang Bang
Doris Day - Que Sera Sera
Edith Piaf - Mon Manège a Moi
Colette Renard - La Taxi Girl
Jacques Brel - La valse a mille Temps
Michel Marcos - La Boheme
Adamo - Ceux que J'aime
Anton Dvorack - Nouveau Monde
Justice - Stress
Carte Blanche (Mehdi & Riton) - Jack on the Moon
Blundetto - Mustang
Blundetto ft. Courtney John - Treat me like That
Blundetto ft. Courtney John - Warm my Soul
Roseau - Walking on the Moon
Ennio Morricone - Il etait une fois dans l'Ouest
Joya Landis - When the lights are Low

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Depuis 2009, Le Mellotron joue une partition singulière qui rassemble une communauté toujours plus grande d'amoureux de musique. Installé au coeur de Paris, Le Mellotron bat au rythme de la ville et se nourrit de sa diversité, de ses rues et ses passants. Il en émane une musique profonde, essentielle qui s'inscrit dans les âmes, dans l'espace et le temps.

Le Mellotron is all about people and music. In the beginning it was a blog that quickly takes the shape of a webradio gathering a growing community of music curators and lovers. Located in a bar just steps from Place de la Republique, in the heart of Paris, Le Mellotron beats day after day to the rhythm of the city, its people and streets. We strongly believe in a an emerging parisian musical scene, moved by its curiosity, able to capture and transform its worldwide influences. LeMellotron will be its amplifier.