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Neil Bopperson

Fighting the good fight to bring new underground music to you every month regardless of genre. If the music has soul then it'll get a roll.


Neil Bopperson #67

18 Déc 2019 @ 20:00

Neil Bopperson #65

23 Oct 2019 @ 20:00

Neil Bopperson #64 w/ Palmito

25 Sep 2019 @ 20:00

Festa do Cabocle Folha Verde - Pontos de Macumba
Pra Que Me Chamas? - Xenia
Salve Deus - Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde
Batumata - Unknown
Dance Samba - PalmitoFR
Fogo Dos Ancestres - Timbalada
Vanju Concessa - Carlihnos Brown
Dança do Carimbó - Colectivo di Tambor
Aruanda - Maracatu Estrela Brilhante De Igarassu
A Cidade - Chico Science & Nação Zumbi
Meu Bloco - Rincon Sapiência
Dia de Role - MC Denny
Oxala - ProjektManajment

Neil Bopperson #63

05 Juin 2019 @ 20:00

Neil Bopperson #62 w/ L'Eclair

19 Mai 2019 @ 16:00

Who’s hidden behind l’Eclair ? The Groove ! A mysterious space machine who can make you dance, but also wander through some hazy jazz melodies. L’Eclair sets himself as a direct heir of the 70s, with inspirations coming from Krautrock to Jazz Music, Blaxploitation and Library music. It’s not all about being retro, but aiming to propose a futuristic approach on that legacy.

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Tracklist :

Neil Bopperson:

Zoe’s Shanghai - No Cure
Godtet - Alice (La Sapa) (Unreleased)
Al Dobson Jnr. - Shikimi Greetings (Izwid)
Willfried Percussion - Andei (SpaceTalk)
Captian Creole - Fre Moin
Abu Ali - Prelude
L’Eclair - Suite || (Bongo Joe Records)

L’Eclair Guest Mix :

Nina Simone - Baltimore
Celia - No Boca Du Sol
Grover Washington Junior - Masterpiece Part 2
Yastaki Shimizu - Umi No Ue Kara (WRWTFWW Records)
Pulse 3 - Rondo
Poly Dance - Hanko
Tony Wilson - Hanging Out In Space
TGP - Hardlife - (Sexual Healing) (Billy G Records)
Carlo Visconti - Ma detto Si, Madetto No
Giovanni Tommaso - Vivere a Tokio
Bad Bad Not Good - Time War Zero
The WhiteField Bothers -
Riz Ortini - Ricordo Di uno Delitto
Gill Scott Heron - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Stemila - Sishovingolovane (Celuloid Records)
Denis Mupanga & Paul K - Funyaka (Androo’s Romantic Dub)
Mildlife - I’m Blau (Sleep D Remix) (Research Records)
Makadem & Behr - Nyako (On The Corner Records)
The Stylistics - People make The World Go Round

Neil Bopperson #61 w/ Pierre Wolff (Limited Brothers)

08 Mai 2019 @ 20:00

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Tracklist :

Neil Bopperson //

Godtet - Enumerating (La Sape)
Joseph Malik presents. Out Of The Ordinary - Meadows (North Street Vocal Mix) (RamRock Records)
Ziad Rahbani - Abu Ali (We Want Sounds)
Salma Agha - Come Closer
Vaughan Mason & Crew - When Love Has Gone (City Of Dreams)
Jitwam - Open Doors (Tartelet Records)
Seb Zilner & Pitch 92 - Westerly (First Word Records)
Nicola Conte - Free Your Mind (Schema Records)
Laroye - Colombia 26a (Tiffs Joints)
TeyMori - Valley Of Peace
Auntie Flo - Kabseh (Disco Halal)
Sivey - Nobody Else (CoOp Presents)
Marvin Jupiter - Reach (2000 Black)
Jimmy Tenor - Mysteria (Philophon)

Pierre Wolff (Limited Brothers) Guest Mix //

Leo’s sunshipp - Give me the sunshine
Loose change - I wanna hold on to you
Yuma HARA - Be Free (T-Groove remix)
Georges Benson - Shiver
Carla Brown - Love’s calling
Shams Dinn - Hedi Bled Noum
Bryan Powell - I commit
TwICE & Volcov - If you wanna dance
First Light - Explain the reasons
Joan Bibiloni - The Boogie
Nathaniel Best - Call him

Neil Bopperson #60 w/ Emily Dust

10 Avr 2019 @ 20:00

Tracklist :

* Neil Bopperson

Ruby Ruston - Prayer For Grenfell (22a)
James Walsh Gypsy Band - Caves Of Altermira
Shakatak - Streetwalking
Bibio - You (WARP)
jitwam - Universes (Tartelet Records)
Zoe’s Shanghai - Two To Tango
Don Leisure - Mango Season (First Word Records)
David Marston - 'Feeling You'
Keni Burke - Raisin To The Top
Shafiq Husaan - Message In A Bottle (Eglo)
Claus Four - Original Back Off
Micheal Wycoff - Looking Up To You
Elmore Judd - Golden Goat (Honest Jons)
Good Block - Jungle Fly 110 (Goodblock 001)
Akira Ishikawa - Let’s Start (Mr Bongo)
Da Lata - Asking Eyes (Free DL) (Kartel)

*Emily Dust

Wantigga - The Hustler
Smooth Operator - La Malanga
COEO - Cabrio Mango
KOKOKO! - Malembe
Gaoule Mimik - A Ka Titine (Detroit Swindle Remix)
Saronde - Moyo Mama
Koffee - Rapture (High Class Filter Funky Edit)
Nerú Americano - O Absurdo
Lycox - African Scream (Edit)
Lindigo - Komsa gayar
Oonga - Oongarawoun
Loya - Desert (Pouvoir Magique Remix)
Infamous Boiz, Morena Leraba, Moonchild Sanelly, Mr Jukes, Zolani Mahola, Remi Kabaka – Nayena
Limas Do Swagg - A rasta esse Pato
Afroquoi - Kudaiusha
Major Notes - Wosomor
Victor Ufaifo - Ohue (Sofrito Edit)
Kouslin - Umoja

Neil Bopperson w/ Nu Guinea

08 Avr 2020 @

Neil Bopperson received Nu Guinea at Le Mellotron for a special radio show !

1st hour - Bopperson
2nd hour - Nu Guinea (+ interview)

Nu Guinea
> http://www.nuguinea.bandcamp.com
> https://www.facebook.com/NuGuinea/

Tracklist :

Kamaal Williams / DarkHouse Family - New Heights (Visions Of Aisha Malik) (Black Focus Records)
Alfamist - Retainer (SEKITO RECORDS)
Rejoicer - Five Winds (Stones Throw)
Alphabets Heaven - Wild Love (Wot Not)
jitwam - Tempations (Tartlet Records)
Cesaria Evora - Angola (Pépé Bradock Dub)
Joseph Malik - Fool For Love (RamRock Records)
Laneous - Hold My Hand (Soul Has No Tempo)
Jouis - Wilton’s Green (None More Records)
MABUTA - Log Out Shut Down (Gournet Remix)
Fred Everything - Palma (Ilija Rudman Expressions)
291 Out - Habbanera (alternative version) (Fly By Night Music)
Alan Parsons Project - MAMAGAMA (Arista)
Patchwork - Soul City (Selected Sounds)
LS Movement Band - Move Everything You Got

Nu Guinea Interview

Nu Guinea - Nuova Napoli (NG Records)
Nu Guinea - Stann Fore (NG Records)
Nu Guinea - E Voce et Napule (NG Records)
Nu Guinea - Ddoje Facce (NG Records)

Dextor Story - Gold Feat Sudan Archives (Soundway Records)
Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon - Yesu Yan Yan (Wah Wah 45s)
Marc Mac - Af Free Kah
Oliver Night - Swing For Life (CoOp Presents)
Guts - Voyaging Bird feat Jowe (Heavenly Sweetness)

Neil Bopperson #58

13 Fév 2019 @ 20:00

Tracklist :

Kosmo Sound - Ilam (forthcoming on Zephyrus Music)
The Bongo Hop - San Gabriel (Forthcoming on Underdog Records)
K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade - Sahara (Forthcoming on Heavenly Sweetness)
Inna De Yard fet. Cedric Myton - Fisherman Row (Forthcoming) (Strut)
Miller, Miller, Miller & Sloan - Key To My Heart (Favourite Recordings)
Ivan Ive - Waters (Jakarta)
Souleance - La La La (Forthcoming on First Word Records)
Andromeda - Lost Twin (Galetta Records)
James Blake - Life Round Here (Polydor)
Nicloas Jaar - Fight (R&S Records)
14KT - The Power Of Same (Kaidi Tatham Remix) (Forthcoming on First Word Records)
MC PInty - Tropical Bleu (Forthcoming on Rhythm Section International)
Lance Ferguson - Brazilian Rhyme (Freestyle Records)
Nicolle Willis - Reperate (Forthcoming on Persephone Records)
David Marston - Take_Your_Time (Crew Love Records)
The Gospel Soul Revivals - If Jesus Came Today (Casbah 73 Edit)
Ivan Comte - Poison Fruit (Far Our Records)
Contours ft Kaidi Tatham - North West (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
Jouis - Sinking Statues (FMB Remix) (None More Records)
Oliver Night - Make Believe (CoOp Presents)
Guts - Kenke Corner (Forthcoming on Heavenly Sweetness)
Lebron Brothers Orchestra - Summertime Blues
Tenderlonius - Eleven Grapes (Forthcoming on 22a)

Neil Bopperson #57

16 Jan 2019 @ 20:00

Bopperson w/ Jungle By Night, 2018 Special

11 Déc 2018 @ 14:00

Nine years ago, nine friends founded a collective rooted in strange sounds from unfamiliar places. Combining their tastes and an untameable hunger for music at a young age. Jungle By Night fuses passion, friendship and influences from krautrock, dance, jazz and afro beat...

Jungle By Night :
> Facebook
> Website

Neil Bopperson :
> Facebook
> Website

Neil Bopperson #56

21 Nov 2018 @ 20:00

Neil Bopperson #55 w/ Yazmin Lacey

17 Oct 2018 @ 13:00

La dernière révélation jazz/soul, Yazmin Lacey (@yazminlacey), nous fait l’honneur de venir dans nos studios à l’occasion de la sortie de son deuxième EP. Baptisé, When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees, ce nouveau projet tourne en boucle sur notre antenne et on vous le conseille fortement.

Skinshape - Around Midnight (Lewis Recordings)
Harvey Sutherland - Amethyst Ft. Nubya Garcia
Neue Grafik - I Miss Something (CoOp Presents....)
The Expansions - Mosaic (Albert’s Favourites)
Emma Jean Thackery - Ley Lines (Vinyl Factory)
Anthony Johnson - She’s Suffering (Heavenly Sweetness)
Cotonete - Lalya (Heavenly Sweetness)
*** Yazmin Lacey & Pete Beardsworth in the studio ***
Yazmin Lacey - Something My Heart Trust (First Word Records)
Mali Hayes & Medical & R.Lye - Are you (Brownswood Recordings)
Yazmin Lacey - Black Moon (Running Circle)
Shunaji - Red Honey (Brownwood Bubblers)
Yazmin Lacey - 90 Degrees (First Word Records)
Pete Beardsworth - Purify (Running Circle)
Broadstroakes - Underwater (Unreleased)
Pete Beardworth - Take Me To The Place (Running Circle)
Guohan Zeng - Take it Slow (Unreleased)
420 Hats - Thru Colours (Brownswood Recordings)
Yazmin Lacey - Heaven (First Word Records)
Yazmin Lacey - Burn and Shine (First Word Records)
Sour Diesel - Congi (Brownswood Recordings)
Madeline Bell - Love Is All You Need (Be With Records)
Alive - Skindo Le Le (Soul Jazz Records)
Flowers - For Real (L A Expressio)

Neil Bopperson #54 w/ Mildlife

18 Sep 2018 @ 14:00


Pete Beardsworth - To The Place (The Running Circle)

Lira - Noizi Nozi (Dead Sea Recordings)

Joseph Malik - Love Bound (RamRockRed Records)

Richard Spaven - Faded ft. Jordan Rakei

Keith Mansfield - Thunderfoot (Buried Tressure)

Flip Flop Group - Music (Fly By Night Music)

Bacao Rhythm and Steal Band - One Thing (Big Crown Records)

Super Elcados - Afro Funk (Mr Bongo)

Alan Parker - Border Incident (Buried Tressure)

The Expansions - Transcoso (Albert’s Favourites)

Johnny Hammond - Old Devil Moon (Milestone Records)

Mirdza Zīvere - Žozefīno (Melodiya)

Steve Spacek - Sexy Curvatia (Island Records)

Chris & Kyle - Feeling Good (Spacewalk)

Martin L. Demus - Attitude, Belief and Determination (BBE Records)

Stephen Encinas - Lypso Illusion (Invisible City Records)

Patchwork Party - Soul City (Selected Sounds)

Os Tincoens - Daixa a Gira Girar (j g b edit)

Wildlife - The Gloves Don’t Bite (Mount Liberation Unlimited Remix) (Research Records)

Carrie Cleveland - Take Me To The Disco (Instrumental)

L'Eclair - Sisi La Fami (Beyond Beyond is Beyond)

DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - El Nino (Hot Casa Records)

Retiree - Line In The Dirt (Rhythm Section International)

- — Mildlife Interview — -

Mildlife - Phase (Research Records)

Mildlife - Two Horizons (Research Records)

Mildlife - The Gloves Don’t Bite (Research Records)

Wildlife - The Magnificent Moon (Research Records)


Neil Bopperson #53 w/ 30/70 [Rhythm Section]

09 Juil 2018 @ 13:00


Wildlife - Phase (Research Records)

Nine Inch Nails - La Mer (Interscope)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - From The Sun

Mo Kolours - Without Strife (Five Easy Pieces)

Adadae - Just Found Out (Bandcamp)

Pacific Heights - Deep Down (Vinyl 12”)

Mo Kolours - Real With You (Five Easy Pieces)

Jonny Drop - The Looking Glass (Julien Dyne remix)

Claws For - Original Whack Off (Modern Soul Recordings)

The Milk - Darling What’s Wrong (Wah Wah 45s)

Julien Dyne ft. Mara TK - Another Layer (BBE)

Jordan Rakei - Blame It On The Youth (Soul Has No Tempo)

Yasmin Lacey - Something’s Got To Give (First Word Records)

Lord Echo - Rhythm 77 (Soundway Records)

SoothSayers - Dis & Dat (Wah Wah 45s)


**30/70 Interview**

30/70 - Breakin’ (Z Lovecraft Dub) (Rhythm Section International)

Horatio Luna - Work It Out (feat. Syrene Favero) (Bandcamp)

30/70 - Slangin’ (Rhythm Section International)

Godtet - Ensueño (La Sape)

30/70 - Nu Spring (Rhythm Section International)

Taylor Crawford - Unknown

30/70 - Steady Hazin’ (Rhythm Section International)

Nono Rao - Same Sun Will Rise (Gondwana Records)

30/70 - Misrepresented (Rhythm Section International)


Anthony Joseph - Dig Out Your Eye (Heavenly Sweetness)


**Label Feature** Big Crown Records

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Xxplosive (Big Crown Records)

El Michels Affair Ft. Piya Malik - Zaharila (Big Crown Records)

79.5 - Boy Don’t Be Afriad (Big Crown Records)


Louis Cole - 'When You're Ugly (feat. Genevieve Artadi) (Brainfeeder)

Tunde Mabado - Viva Disco (Instrumental) (Mr Bongo)

Bopperson #52

05 Juin 2018 @ 20:00

Vânia Bastos - Tabu (The Sweetest Tabu) (Soundway)
Garth Be - Feelin’ to Be (Wolf Recordings)
Spence - Sand (Vinyl) (Austin Boogie Crew Records)
Fulgeance - Low Club Anthem 5 (Musique Large)
K15 - You’re Alive (There’s Still Time) (Wot Not)
Kiefer - What_A_Day (Stones Throw)
Chancha Via Circuito - Barú (Wonderwheel Records)
African Futurism - Akal Akal (Rush Hour)
Daniel Forestal et sa Guitare - Ces P'tits Je T'Aime (Disque Debs International Vol. 1) (Strut)
Can - Vitamin C
Tsvia Ababanel - Im Nin'Alu (Fortuna Records)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Honey Bee (Jagjaguar)
The Showfa - Show You The Way (Excursions)
Andy Compton & Shamrock - Bunny Chow (Lumberjacks In Hell)
Emanative - Minutes to Midnight For This Planet
Dego - Mononymous Persons (2000 Black)
Boncana Maiga - Komya Hondo (Hot Casa Records)
BlueStaab - Left & Right (Jakarta Records)
Kamaal Williams - High Roller (Black Focus)
Yasmin Lacey - Body Needs Healing (First Word Records)
Hector Primmer - Sunshine (Reginald Omas Mamode IV Remix) (Albert’s Favourites)
Darkhouse Family - Synergy (First Word Records)
Mark Waywood - Um, Dois, Tres (Free Download)
The Fearless Flyers - Ace of Aces (Bandcamp)
30/70 - Elevations (Z Lovecraft remix) (Rhythm Section)
K15 - Be Thankful You Create Anything (WotNot Records)
Souleance - Fantasie (Souleance "Bouclé" Re-Edit)
Charly Kingson - Born In Africa (Africa Seven)
Christy Essien - What Is Love About (Afrodisia)
Fela Kuti - Unknown Soldier (Bopperson Edit) (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Izem - Beni Lane (Enchufada)

Bopperson #51 w/ Alice Price-Styles

09 Mai 2018 @ 20:00

Gabriel Garzón-Montano “Golden Wings” (Stones Throw Records)
Children Of Zeus - All Night (First Word Records)
James Creole Thomas - Earth (22a Records)
L’Eclair - G Love (Rock This Town Records)
The Magnificent Tape Band - ‘Black Tiger’ ATA Records
Blundetto - Satta (Heavenly Sweetness)
Resonators - Why I (Discomix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Joe Armon Jones - Starting Today ft. Asheber (Brownwood)
Blue Lab Beats - Pineapple (feat. Moses Boyd & Nérija)
Leon Bridges - Bad Bad News
Sun Palace - Rude Movements (BBE Records)
*Label Feature* MIC Records London
Mike Collins - Phat Back Beats (MIC Records)
LAPS - Who Me? (MIC Records)
Maribou State - Turnmills (Counter Recordings)
John Cale & Brian Eno - Spinning Away
Charly_Kingson - Nimele_Bolo (Africa Seven)
Mr Beatnik - Church Street Blues (Nebraska remix)

*Alice Price Style Guest Mix*
Nanna B "Prayers"
Common "Breaker 1/9"
Jay Z "Encore" (unreleased Jansport J remix)
Del The Funky Homosapien "What Is A Booty"
Rhythm & Knowledge "U Bring Da Dog Out"
A Tribe Called Quest "The Jam" (Consequence Remix)
Hieroglyphics "Heatish"
Del + Amp Live "Far Beyond" (feat. Goapele & Zyme)
Prince Paul "I Told You Once I Told You Twice" (feat. Guru & Planet Asia)
Jungle Brothers "Brain"
Bishop Nehru "Rollercoasting" (prod. MF DOOM)
Busta Rhymes "Take It Off"
Mac Dre "California Livin' (feat. Coolio)

Neil Bopperson #50

11 Avr 2018 @ 20:00

Nu Guinea - Nuova Napoli (NG Records)
Potato head People - Morning Sun (Bastard Jazz)
James Creole Thomas (Omas Sextet) - Lead By No One (22a)
Bastion Keb - Oteh Washington
ThE DiAboLIcaL LibERTieS - biGGeR ThAN yOU
The Beginning Of The End - Fishman (Strut)
Tenderlonious featuring The 22archestra - Yussef's Groove (22a)
Ebo Taylor - Poverty No Good (Mr Bongo)
Florian Pellissier Quintet - Jazz Carnival (Heavenly Sweetness)
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids - Warrior Dance (Strut)
Sudan Archives - Not For Sale (Stones Throw)
Solange - Cranes In The Sky (IZEM Remix)
Prophet - Insanity (Stones Throw)
Danvers - 1997 (Warren Xclnce Remix) Feat. Joe_Armon-Jones (Wot Not Music)
String Theory - Dirty High (Rhythm Section)
Alice Smith - "Love Endeavour" (Maurice Fulton remix)
Kamaal Williams - Salaam (LP The Return) (Black Focus Records)
Monk Montgomery - Reality (Philadelphia)
George Benson - Water Bother (A&M Records)
The Mighty Ryeders - Everybody Groove
Freak - That’s What Time It Is (Jazzman)
Willie Beaver Hale - Groove On (TK Records)
Sun Palace - Rude Movements (BBE)
Gary Bartz - Gentle Smile (Edit)
John Coltrain - Naima (4 Hero Edit)

Neil Bopperson #49

14 Mar 2018 @ 20:00

Tracklist :
Vels Trio - The Wad (Total Refreshment Records)
Gatkin - Grand Street Feast (Wonderwheel Recordings)
Lee Dodou & The Polyversal Souls - Basa Basa (Philophon Records)
Lydian Collective - Thirty One 
Yasmin Lacey - 90 Degrees (First Word Records)
Pan Amsterdam - Plus One (Def Pressé)
Skinny Pelembe - I’ll Be On Your Mind (Brownwood)
The Expansions - Dragonfly (Albert’s Favourites) 
Gilberto Gill - Toda Minina Bahana (Tahira Edit) (Jazz & Milk)
Neue Grafik - Aulnay’s Tears (Rhythm Section)
MildLife - Magnificent Moon (Bandcamp)
Stimulator Jones - Give My All (Stones Throw) 
Saucy B - Honey B (Cultures Of Soul) 
Julien Dyne - Maddingos (Wonderful Noise Productions)
LABEL FOCUS — Neon Finger, Madrid - Spain
Misumami & First Touch - Prove your Love (Vocal Version)
Midnight Runners - Rare Essence 
Midnight Runners - Ultra Disco Panorama
D Lynwood - Gospel Discotheque (Shapes Of Rhythm) 
Emanative feat Liz Elensky  - Planet B (Nutriot / Bandcamp)
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Ninja Tune)
Zodiac - Pacific (Disco Alliance)
Sophie Lloyd & Dames Brown - Calling Out 
The Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Time (ABC)
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo - Ancien Combattant (Favorite)
Herb Geller - Sudden Senility

Neil Bopperson #48

14 Fév 2018 @ 20:00

Tracklist :
Minnie Ripperton - Inside My Love
Supreme Jubilees - It’ll All Be Over
The Portis Bothers - Summer Love (Part 1 & 2) 
Andrew Ashong - Special
Benny Sings - Beach House
Gene Lawrence - I feel Like Making Love To You 
John Sliva Quartet - I feel Like Making Love To You 
Jose James - Trouble 
Sade - Sweetest Taboo 
Mo Kolours - How I 
Stemila - I Love You 
Sharon Jones - Inspiration Information
Hiatus Kayote - Love You I Do (Dan Diggs Edit)
Darkhouse Family - Journey To Love
Q Tip feat. Norah Jones - Life Is Better
Anita Baker - Sweet Love (Modified Man Edit)
Bobby Caldwell - What You Won’t Do For Love
RJD2 - Making Days Longer
Ned Doheny - To Prove My Love
Vicki Sue Robinson - High On Your Love
George Benson - Turn Your Love Around
Dee Edwards - Why Can’t There Be Love?
O Jay’s - Now That We Found Love
Alexander O’Neal & Cherrelle - Saturday Love 
Children Of Zeus - I Can’t Wait (First Word Records)
Oddisee - Paralysed 
Oddisee - That’s Love
Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is a Hurting Thing  

Neil Bopperson #47

17 Jan 2018 @ 20:00
Numonics - You Lied (Groove Merchant)
Alessandro Alessandroni - Underground Disco
Run Child Run - Can’t Catch Me (Bandcamp)
Bro. Valentino - Stay Up Valentino (Analogue Africa)
Sonzeira - Southern Freeze (Brownswood)
Edmony Krater - An Ba Jouk - (Heavenly Sweetness)
Tschegue - Tshegue (Ekloroshock)
Penya - Beat Your Demon (On The Corner Records)
Casbah 73 - Love Saves The Day (Percussion Jam) (Lovemonk)
Will LV - Nina (Bandcamp)
Floating Points - Love Me Like This (FP Edit)
Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Elektra)
Bro Valentino - Ah Uh (Brand New Revolution) (Analogue Africa)
Nona Hendryx - Peel Back (Soul Clap)
Sergio Mendes - Mas Que Nada - The Just Right Dub Mix
Franklin Black - Young Gifted Karisma Remix
Blood Wine or Honey - Loosefoot
Guy One - Everything You Do, You Do For Yourself (Philophon)
Lay Far - Like Her (Version Galore)
Mashrou' Leila - Djin (Jonny Rock Vocal) (Hamam House)
Yasmin Lacey - Still (Bandcamp)
Jongno Edits - 42 Below
Swoor - Colder (Fair Weather Friends Records)
Rhye - Count To Five
Y. Gershovsky - Disco Baby ‎(Red Greg Edit) (Melodies International)

Neil Bopperson # 46

20 Déc 2017 @ 20:00

Neil Bopperson #45

11 Nov 2017 @ 14:30

Neil Bopperson #44

05 Sep 2017 @ 14:00

Neil Bopperson #43

04 Juil 2017 @ 14:00

Neil Bopperson #42

03 Juin 2017 @ 22:00

Eddie C - Got To Find (Common Edit)
Profusion - A Long Walk (First Word Records)
Weather Report - River People
The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
Pieces Of A Dream - Rising To The Top
Souleance - Earl
Romain Jovion - Kelyeke
Shuluza Max - Mangase (Soundway)
Fleeting Wax - Oriental Strings
Omar - Vicky’s Tune (The Reflex Edit) (Freestyle)
Stacy Kidd - Razz A Jazz
Neue Grafik - Dancing and Drinking Tap Water (22a)
Ned Doheny - A Love of Your Own (World Air Edit)
Rabo De Saia - Ripa Na Xulipa (Favourite Records)

Neil Bopperson #41

02 Mai 2017 @ 14:00

Le Mellotron May 2017 (Show Number 41)

Profusion - Where Do I Begin? (First Word Records)
Yuri Morozov - Inexplicable (pt4) (Buried Treasure)
Melvin Sparks – Ain’t No Woman (One Note Records)
Emanative – Black Enchantment
El Michels Affair - Tearz feat. Lee Fields and The Shacks (Big Crown)
Sade – Sally (Only Joe’s Slow Version)
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Year Of The Funky (Legere Recordings)
Ekambi_Brillant_-_Aboki_(Mon_Copain) (Africa Seven)
Oby_Onyioha_-_Enjoy_Your_Life (Soundway)
Alessandro Alessandroni – Afro Discoteca (Four Flies)
Nina Miranda – I Am (Six Degrees Records)
FYI Chris – Show and A (Rhythm Section)
Dauwd – Leitmotiv (Ninja Tune)
Tone Control – Illusion (Tone Control Music)

Neil Bopperson #40

04 Avr 2017 @ 14:00

Neil Bopperson #39

07 Mar 2017 @ 14:00

Vicki Sue Robinson - High On Your Love (Mark Wayward Edit)
Swindle X Daley – Sympathy (Butterz)
Halal Cool J - Turkish Duck Walk (Excursions)
Sinkane_-_U'Huh (City Slang)
Dele Sosimi – I Don’t Care (Bopperson Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Ekambi_Brillant_-_Aboki (Mon_Copain) (Africa Seven)
El Michels Affair ft Lee Fields and Shacks - Tearz (Big Crown Records)
Bastien Keb - Night Hustle (First Word Records)
Henry Wu - Negotiate ft. Simeon Jones (Kaidi Tatham Remix)
Octo Champ – Rent (Let’s Go Swimming Records)
SJOB Movement - Love Affair (Cultures Of Soul)
The PLAYlist featuring Glenn Lewis - Chasing Goosebumps

Neil Bopperson #38

07 Fév 2017 @ 14:00

Miles Mosely - Abraham
Bastien Keb - Pick Up (First Word Records)
D D Dumbo - King Franco Picasso (4AD)
Omar – De Ja Vu (feat. Mayra Andrade) (Freestyle)
4th Sign - Wild_Life (Ondule Records)
Oddisee - Like Really (Mello Music Group)
HNNY – Cheer Up My Brother
Thundercat - Show You The Way (feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins)
Sauce 81 – Dance Tonight (Eglo)
Marvin Whoremonger – Street Scene (Now Again Records)
Popcorn – Song For You
The Dynamic Clark Sisters – Hey Ya
KUF – Odyssee
David Axelrod – The Edge (Live at The Royal Festival Hall)

Neil Bopperson #37

03 Jan 2017 @ 14:00

Wildfire – The Dealer (Black Pearl Records)
Seven Seas - Pat's Jam (Glades)
L'Orange - Gin & Nitrogen (Mello Music Group)
Discoali - Srisey Does It (The Walk Off) (First Word Records)
Mndsgn – Transmission (Stones Throw Records)
Joyce Wrice - Play_Pretend (Akashik Records)
Hector Plimmer feat. Drahla - Eastern System (Albert’s Favourites)
Gold Panda – Autumn Fall (City Slang)
Dan Kye - Change (Rhythm Section)
Romare – Come Close To Me (Ninja Tune)
Izem - Juck Juck (Edit)
Carthago – Hanen (Habibi Funk)
Fruit - Say It (Stamp The Wax) (Athens Of The North)
Shadow - D'Hardest (Analogue Africa)

Neil Bopperson #36 - Best of 2016

06 Déc 2016 @ 14:00

Bad Bad Not Good – Time Moves Slow Feat._Sam_Herring (Innovative Leisure)
The Invisible - K Town Sunset (feat. Connan Mockasin) (Ninja Tune)
Herma Puma - Sagat X
K.A.A.N. – Perspective
Eliot_Lipp - Low_Key
Bluestaeb - Rodalquilar - Tomorrow We Will Love Again
Darkhouse Family – Moda (First Word Records)
Samuel – Aleesha (Big Dada)
Jordan Rakei - Talk To Me (Soul Has No Tempo)
Lord Echo - Just Do You ft Mara TK (Soundway)
Dego & 2000 Black Family - Don't Stop (Let It Go) (Neroli)
Resonators - PAPA DADIO (Wah Wah 45s)
79.5 - Terrorize My Heart (Disco Dub) (Big Crown Records)
Magic Source – Togetherness (Favourite Recordings)
Yussef Kamaal – Lowrider (Brownswood Recordings)
Henri_Texier_-_Les_LA_Bas_(Bonobo_remix) (Ninja Tune)
Sampology - Thicker Than Water (feat. Tiana Khasi)
Reginald Omas Mamode 4th – Bruk It Out (Five Easy Pieces)
Pan Solo - Jungle Falls (Cosmic Pint)
Tall Black Guy - Come With Me And Fly (First Word Records)
Dexter Story - Lalibela (Jeremy Sole Remix) (Soundway)
Children Of Zeus - Still Standing (First Word Records)
JamesZoo - Flu feat. Arthur Verocai
Anderson Paak – Come Down
Lee Fields & The Expressions - Never Be Another You
Adrian Younge – Sitting By The Radio
The Olympians - Sirens_of_Jupiter (Daptone Records)
Michael_Kiwanuka - Cold_Little_Heart (Warner)
Butcher Brown - Headlights
Quiet Dawn - Hold Them Close (Bastien Keb Remix) (First Word Records)

Neil Bopperson #35

01 Nov 2016 @ 14:00

Neil Bopperson #34

04 Oct 2016 @ 14:00

Neil Bopperson #33

06 Sep 2016 @ 14:00

Neil Bopperson #32

05 Juil 2016 @ 14:00

BlueSteab – Tomrrow We Will Love Again (Jakarta Records)
Dave Okumu's Prince Tribute 'Ocean's of Purple' ft. Jamie Woon
Titanic - Ricochet (Mark Wayward Edit) (Free DL)
Lady Wray - Do It Again (Big Crown Records)
EL_MICHELS_AFFAIR - 4th Chamber (Big Crown Records)
Resonators – Healer (Wah Wah 45s)
Dr_Buzzard's_Original_Savannah_Band - Sunshower
Cooking On 3 Burners - This Girl (feat. Kylie Auldist) (freestyle)
The Cactus Channel ft. Chet Faker - Kill The Doubt
Eliot Lipp - Low_Key
Gold Panda - Metal Bird (City Slang)
Darkhouse Family - Disco Duck (First Word Records)
Geovana - Tatarue (Scrimshire Edit)
Roberta Flack - Compared To What (FYI Chris Edit)
Ibibio Sound Machine - Amai_Ndiwulule (Soundway)
Black Motion x Amampondo (Henrik Swartz Edit) - Far Lands (Boiler Room)
Mugwisa International Xylophone Group (Santuri) - Xylophone (SJ Construct) – (On The Corner)
Boni Gnahoré - Moissale (Cervo Edit) (Banana Hill)
Samuel – Aleesha (Ninja Tune)
Bad Bad Not Good - Speaking_Gently (Innovative Leisure)
The Invisible - K Town Sunset (feat. Connan Mockasin) (Ninja Tune)
Jon Phonics - P_O_V (My Shame) ft Dressin Red (First Word Records)
Letherette – Maybe
Seu Jorge - Everybody Loves The Sunshine Joey Altruda Remix
Bing Ji Ling - Twilight (Lovemonk)
Kraak & Smaak ft. Eric Bidness – Prescription (Jalapeno)
Family Of Eve – I Want_To_Be_Loved_By_You (Kenny_Dope_mix)
The Gene Dudley Group – Do The Cookie Dough Throw (Lay Far Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Bobby Mcferrin – Thinking About your Body (Edit)

Neil Bopperson #31

07 Juin 2016 @ 14:00

BBNG – Time Moves Slow Feat._Sam_Herring (Innovative Leisure)
Mr Thing – Higher (First Word Records)
kidkanevil - A Love That's Worth Sampling (First Word Records)
E - The Turning Point (Mocambo)
Sans Soleil - Seaside Suicide (Confunktion Records)
Tsvia Abarbanel - Wings_Of_Love (Fortuna)
Bambino - Timtar_Memories
Débruit - Duman with Murat Ertel (ICI)
The Rah Band - Messages_From_The_Stars (Atjazz_Re-edit)
Tall Black Guy - Constantly Moving (First Word Records)
JamesZoo - Flu feat. Arthur Verocai (Ninja Tune)
Taylor McFerrin - Postpartum (Dorian Concept Remix) (Free Download)
Paper Tiger – I’m A Helicopter (wah Wah 45s)
Submotion Orchestra - In Gold (Bastien Keb Remix)
The Invisible - Save You (Reginald Omas Mamode IV remix)
Homeboy Sandman - Talking_Bleep_feat._Edan_on_the_Wheels_of_Fortune
Sans Soleil - Dawn Of Mankind (Confunktion Records)
Mayer_Hawthorne_-_I_Need_You (Stones Throw)
SilentJay & Jace XL - Sacrifice (Rhythm Section)
Alphabets Heaven - Some Movement Mono_Poly Remix (WotNot Music)
Al Green - Simply Beautiful (Maribou State Edit)
Max Greaf & Glenn Astro - The Yard Work Simulator (Radio Edit)
Seven Davis Jnr - Church (Radio Edit)
UnoMas - The Beat Goes On (Bass Fly & Laurent L Remix) (ISM Records)
Pasteur_Lappe_-_More_Sekele_Movement_(Papa_Ni_Mama) (Africa Seven)
Henri Pierre Noel – Back Home [THE REFLEX REVISION] (Wah Wah 45s)

Neil Bopperson #30

04 Avr 2016 @ 14:00

The Dandelion Set & Alan Moore - Pristina Strawberry Girl (Buried Treasure)
The James Hunter Six - Something's Calling (Daptone)
Deep Street Soul – Deux Freres (Freestyle Records)
Mo Kolours ft. JOnWayne - Tears_Sand_Thorns (One-Handed)
Quiet Dawn - Hold Them Close (Bastien Keb Remix) (First Word Records)
Children Of Zeus - Still Standing (First Word Records)
Paper Tiger feat. Shafiq Husayn – Weight In Space (Wah Wah 45s)
Quiet Dawn - Dusk (Garonne Remix) (First Word Records)
Diesler – Buffet Foid (A Little Something)
Henri Texler - Les Là-Bas (Bonobo Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Igor Jadranin – Hero (Back To The World Records)
Oddisee - Alwasta - No Reservations (BandCamp)
The Dandelion Set & Alan Moore - Third Program (Buried Treasure)
Tingsek - Someone Else (Raw Fusion)
Skinshape – Mandala (Beatnik Creative)
Walker Family Singers - Jesus Gave Me Water (Daptone Records)
The Joe Tatton Trio – Sunday Shade
The Milk – Loneliness Has Eyes (Wah Wah 45s)
Kaytranada – Bus Ride (feat. Karriem Riggins & River Tiber) (XL Recordings)
Mr. Lif - World Renown (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) (Bandcamp)
Bacau Rhythm & Steel Band – Was Dog A Doughnut
Anderson Paak – Come Down
The Dandelion Set & Alan Moore – Bloom (Buried Treasure)
Abraham Battat - Listen Baby (Tramp Records)
Charles Bradley - Ain't It A Sin - Radio Edit (Daptone Records)
Ray Brayant - Up Above The Rock
Rufus & Chaka Khan - You Got The Love
Quiet Dawn - After Sex (Sauce81 Remix) (First Word Records)
Panache – Sweet Jazz Music
Billy Kenny - Work Me (Justin Jay Remix)
London Afrobeat Collective - Oye (iZem Remix) (Free Download)
Kaytranada – Leave Me Alone (feat. Shay Lia) (XL Recordings)

Neil Bopperson #29

07 Mar 2016 @ 14:00

Magnificent Tape Band - Patterns in My Mind (feat. Rachel Modest) (ATA Records)
Modified Man - Stratus (Part Two) (Albert’s Favourites)
Jimi Tenor – Tropical Eel (Philaphon Records)
Sarah Williams White - Rainmaker (FYI Chris Remix) (First Word Records)
Nona Hendryx - Transformation
Julien Dyne – Layer (feat. Mara TK) (BBE)
Bacao Rhytmn & Steel Band – Love Like This (Big Crown)
Jennie Misty - Nature Boy (Tramp Records)
Universal Togetherness Band - Taken By Love (Numero Group)
Cortex – Mary et Jeff
Leroy Ace Miller – Hook Me (People’s Potential Unlimited)
Caribou - Leave House (Domino)
Mono/Poly – Shapeshift (Hit & Run)
Mount Kimbie – Before I Move Off (WARP)
Smerz - Because
Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - Check To Check (Mellow Music)
Flamingosis - Hello Old Flame
Marta Ren & The Groovelets - 2 Kinds Of Men
Sleepin Giant - Nasty Girl (Free Download)
Dego & 2000 Black Family - Don't Stop Let It Go (Neroli)
Jonny Hammond - Shifting Gears (DJ Day Alternative Mix)
Lee McDonald - We've Only Just Begun (Favourite)
Jesse Morgan – You & Me Baby (Mo Soul/Tramp)
Al Dobson Junior – Xingo (Rhythm Section)
Al Dobson Junior – White Rum (Rhythm Section)
Skinshape – Old Days (Beatnik)
The Heliocentrics – Discovery (Strut)
Bibio – Feeling (WARP)
Octo Champ – Bitter Lake (Bandcamp)
Bobby McFerrin - From Me To You (Edit)
Damn! – Leaving This Planet (Raw Fusion)

Neil Bopperson #28

01 Fév 2016 @ 22:00

RJD2 - Peace of What (feat. Jordan Brown) (R J Electrical Connections)
Universal Togetherness Band – My Sentiment (Numero Group)
Mick Jenkins – Jazz (Cinematic Music Group)
Submotion Orchestra - Needs feat. Andrew Ashong (Counter Records)
Maribou State – Manila (Counter Records)
Khruangbin - People Everywhere (Still Alive) (Late Night Tales)
Jackson Jones - I_Feel_Good,_Put_Your_Pants_On
Dom Thomas – Eastern Fractal (B Music)
Mocean Worker - Shama Lamma Ding Dong (Jazz Milk)
Marta Ren & The Groovelets - 2 Kinds Of Men (Records Kicks)
Cymande - Dove (Tom Ruijg White Box Edit)
Little Shalimar – Phoenix feat. Roxin & Tunde_Adebimpe
Chet Faker – In Between
Adrian Younge - Sea Motet
Adrian Younge – La Ballade
Kay Dennis - Walk On By (Tramp)
Johnny Drop – Billy’s Girl (Albert’s Favourites)
Flamingosis - Gimme The Feelin' (Bandcamp)
Ammoncontact - Ultra_DB (Plug Research)
Tirzah – Make It Up (Greco Roman)
True – Give Me Something (Mouthwatering Records)
The Ephemerals – Everyday Killers_Gentlemans_Dub_Club_remix
Raury – Kingdom Come
James Hunter Six – What I Gotta Do (Daptone)
Flying Ibex - You Dared Me
Marius – Aquarius
Meraki - Vistas (Trol23 VIP Remix) (Free Download)
Paper Tiger - I'm A Cyborg (But That's Okay) (Wah Wah 45s)
Jon Phonics - Face of Spades (First Word Records)
Eli Escobar – Happiness (Moxie Presents Vol 2)
Medlar - In Dreams (Moxie Presents Vol 2)

Neil Bopperson #27

04 Jan 2016 @ 22:00

Adrian Younge - Sittin' By The Radio (Linear Labs Records)
The Cyrkls – The View (Edit)
Jamie Woon – Celebration (PMR Records)
Contours – Green Yellow Brown (Rhythm Section)
Flamingosis – Can It Be (Self Released)
Beck – Chemtrails (DGC Records)
The Milk – Trouble (Tall Black Guy Remix) (Free Download)(Wah Wah 45s)
Tyra Hammond - Please Forgive My Heart (Heart & Felt)
The Last_Generation - You're_All_I_Need (Legere Records)
Prince Of Ballad – Dreamin’ (Free Download)
Leron Thomas - Cliquish (Inkswel remix) (Heavenly Sweetness)
The Stepkids - Sweet_Salvation (Stones Throw)
Z the People - Where's the music coming from (Bandcamp)
The_Sunburst_Band - Far_Beyond (Z Records)
4th Coming - The Dead Don't Die Alive (Aplha Records)
Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Havana Cool Out (Reginald Omas Mamode IV Remix) (Free Download)
Knxwledge - Link Up feat. Anderson Paak (Stones Throw)
AFM & Railster - Scratch Your Face (BandCamp)
Damiano von Erckert - All These Shows (Stamp The Wax) (Free Download)
Kongas - Why Can't We Live Together (Malligator)
JR Jarris - Love Be Like (Bopperson Edit)
Maze - Twilight (Mark Rae Edit)
Jorge Bem – Comanche (Universal)
Charles Mann - Do It Again (ABC Records)
G Love & The Special Sauce - The Things That I Used To Do (Okeh)
Benny Sings – Straight Lines (Dox Records)
Beauregard, Violletti & Ste-Claire – Ce Soir (Edit) (CBS Records)
Ryan Hemsworth – We Deserve This
Deantoni Parks - Our Shadows (Leaving Records)

Neil Bopperson #26 - Best of 2015

07 Déc 2015 @ 22:00

Eric Lau – Dedication A, B & C (First Word Records)
Village Of The Sun - Princess Unicorn (Kalakuta Records)
Thundercat – Them Changes (BrainFeeder)
Mild High Club - Window Pane (Stones Throw)
Khruangbin - Mr White (Late Night Tales)
Benny Sings – The Beach House (Dox Records)
Bastien Keb – Chicken Stomp (One-Handed Music)
IZem - Agua Viva (Feat. Nina Miranda) (Bandcamp)
Body Moves – Mellow Cotton (Keep Up!)
Dele Sosimi – Na My Turn (Paper Tiger remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Reginaled Omas Mamode 4th – Sugar Cane (Intimate Friends)
Jamie Woon – Sharpness (PMR Records)
Sarah Williams White – No Man’s Land (First Word Records)
Swindle - Malasimbo Ft. Hilarius Dauag (Butterz)
Henry Wu – Dubplate Special (Rhythm Section)
Wayne Snow – Drunk (Tartelet)
Anouska – Kendrick (Brownswood)
Meraki – Contours (BandCamp)
Fatima Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do (Magnetron)
BB2 - An Evening At Bunsley Hall (Fresh Up)
Crazy P – Like a Fool (!K7 Recordings)
Paul White – Where You Gonna (R&S Records)
Golden Rules - It’s Over (Lex Recordings)
Be – Sweet Under (Sweet & Sticky)
Titeknots – Buzzard Walk (Bandcamp)
LV – Jump & Reach (Brownswood)
The Milk – Kicking The Smoke (Wah Wah 45s)
Royce Wood Jnr – Midnight (37 Adventures)
TurboJazz – Na Minah (CT HI/Wah Wah 45s)
Ziga Murko – Glow (RX:TX)
Mo Kolours – Texture Like Sun (One-Handed Music)
Collocutor - Agama - Al Dobson Jr Indica Remix (On The Corner Records)
Paul McCartney – Wonderful Christmas Time (Seven Davis Jnr Remix)

Neil Bopperson #25

02 Nov 2015 @ 22:00

Collocuter – Guzo (The Expansions remix) (On The Corner Records)
Ady Suleiman feat Joey Badass – What’s The Score
Thundercat – Them Changes (Brianfeeder)
Willie West – I’m Still A Man (Timion Records)
The Milk – Darling What’s Wrong (Wah Wah 45s)
Souleance – Hustle feat. Vect (First Word Records)
Dele Sosimi – You No Fit Touch Am (Medlar Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Nicolas Jaar – Fight (R&S Records)
Titeknots – Buzzard Walk (Bandcamp)
Tabanaca – Lagoon (WotNot
Ziga Murko – Glow (RX:TX)
Bastien Keb - Chicken Stomp (One-Handed Music)
Contours – Eyesdown (Rhythm Section)
Renegade Brass Band- Just Business (Tall Black Guy Remix)
Sarah Williams White – Hum (Quiet Dawn Remix) (First Word Records)
KneeBody & Daedelus (Kneedaelus) - Drum Battle (Ninja Tune)
Doug Hream Blunt - Fly Guy (Luaka Bop)
Dom Thomas - Will You_Spare_The_Words_For_Me (Brutal)
KUTMAH - Da Shroom Room! (Sativa)
Sharon Jones The_Dap_Kings - Inspiration_Information (Daptone)
Sarah Vaughn - Inner City Blues (Make Me Want To Holler)
Galt Macdermot & Roisin Murphy - Cold Truth ( Alkalino rework)
Patrice Rushen - Remind_Me
The Playmates - Leaving for Love (Mark Wayward edit)
Muscles - Music Is Our Message (Big Bear Records)
St Germain – Real Blues

Neil Bopperson #24

05 Oct 2015 @ 22:00

Sarah Williams White – Winter Sun (First Word Records) (Free Download)
Dele Sosimi – E Go Betta (O Flynn Edit) (Wah Wah 45s)
Damn - African-Scanian_Music_Continuum_Rerouted (Gamm)
Donna Summer – Grand Illusion
Roots Manuva – Don’t Breath Out (Big Dada)
Meraki – Contours
LV - Balance Spring (Brownswood)
Slum Village - Get Dis Money (Tom Misch x Jordan Rakei Remix)
Swindle - Malasimbo Ft. Hilarius Dauag (Butterz)
Gideon Conn – I Just Don’t Know You Very Well (Wah Wah 45s)
Anushka – Kendrick (Brownswood)
Haggis Horns - You've Got To Keep On Bumpin
The Milk – Don’t Give Up The Night (Wah Wah 45s)
The Bufulo Brothers – String Theory (Bufulo Brothers)
Mo Kolours - TEXTURE_LIKE_SUN (One Handed Music)
Maribou State - Midas feat. Holly Walker (Glenn Astro's Nonsense Dub)
Alex Paddu – Soultiger Love Talk feat Joe Bataan
Mild High Club – The Chat (Stones Throw)
Bastien Keb – Beat Without A Heart (One Handed Music)
Miles Bonny - Golden Lady
Mo Kolours - ORPHANS_LAMENT (One Handed)
Sweatston Klank – Blow
ALENA - Use_2_Hold_Me_(Yam_Who-_Remix__) (ISM Records)
Angela Bofil - People Make The World Go Round (GreyMatter Edit)
Original Tropicana Steel Band - Spanish Hustle
Farly Jackmaster Funk - Love Can't Turn Around
Teddy Pendergrass - Only You (John_Morales remix)

Neil Bopperson #23

07 Sep 2015 @ 22:00

Portis Brothers Summer Love, Pt. 1
Portis Brothers Summer Love, Pt. 2
Unknown Get Even (Mark Wayward Edit)
Roy Ayers The Boogie Back
Baby Huey - Hard Times
Marvin Gaye; Ambassadeurs Aint That Perculiar (Ambassadeurs Reconstruct)
FlexFab Zoo
Archie Bell & The Drells Dont Let Love Get You Down (Bosq Rework)
BodyMoves Mellow Cotton
Featurecast-The Gaff Ain't Got Time (Vocal Mix)
Heidi Leonore Everybody-loves-the-sunshine (The Reflex Edit)
Lewis Taylor Lovelight
Eliot Lipp Sneakin' (Baby prt 1)
Letta Mbulu Nomalizo
Jimmy Chambers You Can't Fight It (Riccio Rerub)
Marlena Shaw California Soul (Bobby Cooper Re-Edit)
The Gene Dudley Group Learn To Jackpot / Teach To Jackpot (Sam Redmore's Soulfood Celebration Mix)
Wally Bardarou Cheif Inspectoor
Basement Love Too Young (Original Mix)
SLAMMER, Duke Go$$ip
The NSI Group Moin Epi Vou
Pieces of a Dream Mt Airy's groove Mark Rae Edit
DOBSON JR, Al Santiago Black (Ptaki version)
Quantic presents The Western Transient Creation (East L.A.) (The Reflex Revision)
Merchant Instant Funk
Ice Time Will Tell
SOUL My Cherie Amour
Julien Clrec Laissons Entrer Le Soleil
Sirka NINA
Gilles Rivard Je Reviens
Fred Wesley House Party
Julius Brockington this feeling (freedom) - whiskey barons edit
Maze Twilight

Neil Bopperson #22

06 Juil 2015 @ 22:00

Friday Saturday and Sunday - There Must Be a Better Way
Lynn Williams - It Takes Two
Syl Johnson - Is_It_Because_I'm_Black_(instrumental)
IZEM- Sadeo (feat. Feather) (Self Released/Bandcamp)
Nohelani Cypriano – Lihue
Quantic - Absence Heard, Presence Felt (Tru Thoughts)
Minnie Ripperton - Inside_My_Love
Pat Thomas - Mewo_Akoma Clap Clap remix)
IZEM - L'Horloge (Self Released/Bandcamp)
Dele Sosimi – E Go Better (Radio Edit) (Wah Wah 45s)
Marvin Gaye - Aint That Perculiar (Ambassadeurs Reconstruct)
Fun Lovin' Criminals - Bear Hug
Nightmares On Wax - Ease Jimi (WARP)
Mark Rae – Medicine (Grand Central)
The Gene Dudley Group - Learn To Jackpot / Teach To Jackpot (Sam Redmore's Soulfood Celebration Mix)
Ginger Johnson and His African Messengers- I Jool Omo
DJ Nu Mark - I_Know,_Didn't_I_(feat_Darondo)
Marc Mac presents_Visioneers - Ike's_Mood (
Gene Lawrence – Feel Like Making Love (Heavenley Sweetness)
The NSI Group - Moin Epi Vou (Heavenly Sweetness)
Ibibio Sound Machine - Talking Fish (TiteKnots Remix) (Soundway)
Soccer96 - Flight Formation (Danny Krivit Edit) (Wot Not Music)
Ras G - Black Daffi's Revenge (ft. Jeremiah Jae) (Leaving Records)
Archie Bell & The Drells - Dont Let Love Get You Down (Bosq Rework)
Q-Tip - ManWomanBoogie_(feat_Amanda_Diva) (Columbia)
Pure Essence - Wake Up (Part 1 & 2) (
Roy Corwin - Preacher Talk (Popcorn)
The_Philarmonics_-_A_La_Turka (
Rsn - Im coming home (Free Download)
Robert Moore - Tears of the World
Outro - Goodbye

Neil Bopperson #21

01 Juin 2015 @ 22:00

Letta Mbulu – Nomalizo (Be With Records)
Body Moves – Mellow Cotton (Keep Up!)
Jesse Futerman - Theme from the Love I Lost
The Gene Dudley Group – Tiger Jaw (Wah Wah 45s)
The Lost Generation - This Is The Lost Generation (Brunswick)
The Dragon - Walsall Youth Jazz (Jazzman Records)
Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz – Beast Chase (Tramp Records)
Dele Sosimi – You No Fit Touch Am (Wah Wah 45s)
Too Many Zooz – PTG (Bandcamp)
Body Moves - Gabor's House (Keep Up!)
Wayne Snow – Blue Moon
Orlando Julius - My Girl (Bopperson Edit) (Free Download)
The Spy From Cairo – Aladdin Dub (Wonderwheel Recordings)
Letta Mbulu - Vumani Makhosi (In The Village The Music Never Ends) (Be With
African Music Machine - A Girl In France (Soul Power)
Laurel Atkins - Sexy Boogie (Emotional)
Margaret Singana - Why Did You It (Superfrico)
One Blood – Be Thankful (Tony Johns Edit) (Free Download)
Peter Bjorn & John - Saying Something (Mukiya)
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Holy Roller
John Coltrane - Naima (4 Hero Version) (Raw Canvas)
The Armada Orchestra - It's The Same Old Song
Margie Joseph - The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
Benet - Floating (Marvin) (Free Download)
Dorondo - Didn't I ( Wayvee's Dusty Edit ) (Free Download)
High Wolf - Wild At Heart (Leaving Records)
The Casual Sexists – Vacation (Rongo Rongo)
Amenta - Mesmerized (Prod. by Flako) (First Word)
Retiree - Gundagai (Radio Edit) (Rhythm Section)

Neil Bopperson #20

04 Mai 2015 @ 22:00

Eric Lau – Dedication A, B & C (First Word Records)
Meraki – Vistas (Self Released)
The Gene Dudley Group – Inspector Norse (Forthcoming Wah Wah 45s)
Dames Brown – Soul Fly (Ampliphonic Records)
Bryson Tiller - Don't (Esta remix) (Free Download)
Tuxedo - So Good (Forthcoming Stones Throw)
Linda Evans - You Control Me (KON EDIT) (Free Download)
SOUL – My Cherie Amour (PYE International)
Idris Muhammad – SEX (KUDU Records)
King-Mono Ointment (Tummy Touch)
Mild High Club – Weeping Willow (Forthcoming Stones Throw)
Death In Vegas – Aladdin’s Story (Concrete)
Alexander – Truth (Feat RZA) (Rough Trade)
El Micheals Affair - Iron Maiden (Truth & Soul)
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - Queen Of Cheeba (Truth & Soul)
Cy Gorman - Cool Change (feat Will Poskitt)
IZem - Agua Viva (Feat. Nina Miranda)
Mr Thing - Thing Leaves The House – Carnival (First Word Records)
BlackStreet - Billie Jean (Billie Jean Remix) (Interscope)
MSTBABE - Who Babe (Flamingosis Remix) (Free Download)
Jimmy Chambers - You Can't Fight It (Original Remastered Version)
K15 – Note To Self (Wot Not Music)
K15 - Know Your Intentions (Wot Not Music)
Nosaj Thing Feat Chance The Rapper – Cold Stares (Ninja Tune)
Stealing Sheep - Pas Réel (Not Real French Version) (Heavenly Recordings)
Rapture - It Takes Time To Be A Man (DFA Records)
Super 3 - When You're Standing On The Top (DJ Day Edit) (Free Download)
The Whispers – My Girl (Solar)
Laurel Atkins - Sexy Boogie (Emotional Rescue)
Body Moves - Mellow Cotton (Keep Up!)
Oddisee – That’s Love (Mellow Music)

Neil Bopperson #19

06 Avr 2015 @ 22:00

Ady Suleiman - 'So Lost' (Sony)
Sweatson Klank - I'm A Fool
Chrome Sparks – Marijuana
Luzmila Carpio - Tarpuricusum Sarata (Captain Planet Remix)
Mo Kolours - How I (Rhythm Love Affair) (One Handed Records)
Elmore Judd - Bass Bully (Honest Jons)
JR Jarris - Love Be Like Ft. Masego
Bobby Womack - Lonely (Mark Rae edit)
Jay Ru - And Then U
Local Artist - OZONE – Rhythm Section
Vect - Stay Together NWDS #3 Spring Tape (free download)
Stereo Total - Heaven's In The Backseat Of My Cadillac
Evil Needle - One for Kennedy
JuSoul - Thru The Summer (Pragmatic Theory)
Chassol - Carnaval part I (people)
Chassol - Carnaval part II (motor & vuvuzuela)
Chassol - Samak
Tuxedo - Number One (Radio Edit) (Nate Dogg Tribute)
FYI Chris - Loop Thriller (Instead Re-Fix) (On The Corner Records)
Dele Sosimi – Na My Turn (Wah Wah 45s )
Francis_The_Great - Look_Up_In_The_Sky (Hot Casa)
Bobby Caldwell - Kalimba Song
Glenn Astro - Love Is Gone (WOTNOT Music)
Frameworks - Breathing Light (First Word Records)
Lapalux - Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana) (Ninja Tune)
BadBadNotGood - Can't Leave The Night (Innovative Leisure)
Skinshape - Right On For the Darkness (Willie Wright Remix) (free download)
Margie Joseph - The Same Love That Made Me Laugh (Scrimshire Edit)

Neil Bopperson #18

02 Mar 2015 @ 22:00

Chocolate Milk – Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Lowrell – Mellow Mellow Right On
Sly Johnson - EVRBDD (Everybody Dancin')
Romare – Lover Man (Ninja Tune)
Lapalux- Dont Mean A Thing (Ninja Tune)
Jaust – Free (Reinhardt)
Broadway Sounds - Summer Rain Dance (Quand il Pleut de LAmour)
Tropics – Rapture (Innovative Leisure)
Page One - Thank Goodness Gotta Good Woman (Norfolk Records)
The Mighty Mocambos – Not Get Caught with DEROBERT (Mocambo Records)
The Salsoul Orchestra – Nice n Nasty (Salsoul)
Maribou State – Rituals (Counter)
Tropics – Blame (Innovative Leisure)
Melenie Dibiasso - Im Gonna Leave You (Clap Clap Remix) (PIAS)
Billy Paul - Let's_Make_A_Baby (Philidelphia International)
Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye (J-Lah Remix)
Kidkanevil - Missing You (First Word) (Free Download)
Esther Philips - Home (RSN Remix)
Benny Sings - Straight Lines (Jakarta Records)
Little Beaver- Groove on (Dj Vas & Soulist Re-Edit) (Free Download)
Dele Sosimi - Na My Turn (Paper Tiger Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Fulgeance – Whutamsayin (Free Download)
Roberto De Simone - Secondo Coro Delle Lavandaie (Duke Slammer's Dark Dub)
Sroczynski Prus - Final Wielkiej Cioty
Callahan – Terra Firma (Quad Recordings)
Romare – Rainbow (Ninja Tune)
Frameworks – Dawn (Throwing Snow Remix) (First Word)
Swamp 81 - Natural Thing (Eglo)

Neil Bopperson #17

02 Fév 2015 @ 22:00


Alogte Oho Jonas - Zota Yinne (feat. The Sahel Souls) (Philaphon Records)
Lucky Brown - Buddha on the Road (Tramp Records)
Fantasma - Shangrila (Soundway)
Prequel – I Can Move (Wundercore)
Harley - It's Out (Wundercore)
The Milk – 54 46 Was My Number (Free Download)
Koka Mass Jazz - Smile (LoopMaffias_Moonsoul Dub)
Tall Black Guy - Make Life Better (Night's Over Egypt Re-Blap Up)
Shakatak - Streetwalkin' (Polydoor)
Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye (J-Lah Remix)
Four Tet – As Serious As Your Life (Domino)
Jonathan Ryno Feat. Gustav Nystrom – Cha Ems Teapot (ISM Records)
Jesse Futterman - Theme from the Love I Lost (Jus Like Music Recordings)
Wumni – Emergency
iZem - Water (North Strand Lagos Mix - feat. Segun Akano)
Dele Sosimi - Sanctuary (Titeknots Remix) (Free Download)
Souleance - Discocaïne (Free Download)
Tricky - Nicotine Love feat. Francesca Belmonte (K7 Recordings)
Buena Vista Social Club - Veinte (Rusty Meeks Remix)
The Philarmonics – A La Turka (Capricorn Records)
Collocutor - Agama - Al Dobson Jr Indica Remix (On The Corner Records)
Stargard - Witch Way Is Up (DJ Vas Rework)
Duke Slammer - Shine-O-Myte (Duke Slammer's Acid Dub)
Margie Joseph – I Can’t Move No Mountains (Scrimshire Edit)
The Temptations - Love i can see (Bogart's whiskey barons rework)
Orlando Julius – My Girl (Strut)
Dorsey Brockington - Stormy Weather (Tramp Records)
Pieces Of A Dream – Mt. Airy Groove (Elektra)

Neil Bopperson #16

01 Déc 2014 @ 22:00

Sinkane - How We Be (City Slang)
Ibeye - MY River (XL Recordings)
Zara McFarlene - Move (At Jazz Remix) Brownswood)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Do You (Five Easy Pieces)
Collucuter - Agama - Al Dobson Jr Remix (On The Corner Records)
Nina Hagen - African reggae (Johnwaynes black culture special edit)
Jimmy Chambers - You Can't Fight It (Riccio Rerub)
Floating Points - King Bromeliad (Eglo)
Romare - Roots (Ninja Tune)
Amadou et Mariam - Ce N'est Pas Bon JT Swith edit (Autonomous Africa)
Dele Sosimi - Santuary (Wah Wah 45s)
Mr Thing - Changes (First Word Records)
Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Transition A
Mo Kolours - Little Brown Dog (One Handed Music)
Soccer96 - Constellation (Wot Not Music)
Kratos Himself - Bloom (Just Like Music)
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Bopperson 45 at 33 Edit) (Wah Wah DP)
Redinho - Jacuzzi (Numbers)
Sohn - Lessons (4 AD)
SBTRKT Feat Denai Moore - The Light (Young Turks)
Ptaki - Jax Ptaki
Prequel - The Test Dream (Rhythm Section)
Taylor McFerrin feat. Ryat - A Place in My Heart (Brainfeeder)
Red Rack'em - Ooh Ohh Ohh (WOLF Music)
Be - The Seven Moovements (Sweet & Sticky)
Wayne Snow - Red Runner (Tartelet Recordings)
Henri Pierre Noel - Diskette (The Reflex Revision) (Wah Wah 45s)
Jacob Collier - Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Scott C's Touch Up)

Neil Bopperson #15

03 Nov 2014 @ 22:00

Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra 2001 (CTI Records)
Daniel Crawford – We Live in LA
Fulgeance & DJ Scientist - Caucasian Wolf Dance (First Word Records)
Jimmy Chambers - You Can't Fight It (Riccio Rerub)
Ashley Beedle - Get It Up For Love – A Heavy Disco Joint (Modern Artifacts)
Mukat Edits - Solo With The Lights Off (No Stranger To Stability Piano re edit)
Tina Turner – I Can’t Stand The Rain (12” Version)
BeatFanatic – African Love (Soundscape)
Redinho – Jacuzzi (Numbers)
Georgy Porgy – Ed Zone Land Of OZ Rework (Giant Cuts)
Sinkane - Jeeper Creeper (City Slang)
Juluka – Gijimbeke (Rhythm Safari)
Dele Sosimi - Sanctuary (Wah Wah 45s)
Amadou & Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon (JD Twitch Edit)
Shadow – De Hardis
DJ Sneak - Show Me The Way (original mix) (Ugly House Records)
Beny More – Babarabatiri (Mr Bongo)
Gal Costa – Tuareg (Soul Jazz Records)
Scrimshire - Modified Man (Wah Wah 45s)
Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get, The More I Want (Philadelphia International)
Chaka Kahn – Fate (Warner Music)
Ibibio Sound Machine - The Talking Fish (Asem Usem Iyak) (Soundway)
Salsoul Orchestra - Nice and Naasty
Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank you (Bosq's Whiskey Barons rework)

Neil Bopperson #14

06 Oct 2014 @ 22:00

Angelique Kidjo - Summertime
Drew's Theory - A Little Class (MIndstep)
Zigsbig - Part One (Swamimillion Remix) (Keep Up!)
Max Cole - Wallflowerin' (Wah Wah 45s)
The Expansions - Aubergine's Escape
Jack White - The Black Bat Licorice
The Expansions - Mess up Your Mind
Claws For - Come Back To Me (Modern Soul Recordings)
Harvey - Any Way You Wanta
Googie Rane Combo - Smokie Joe's La La (Wah Wah 45s)
Kratos Himself - Bloom (Jus Like Music)
Penthouse Penthouse - Let me see that
Claws For - Orange Yellow (Modern Soul Recordings)
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time (Bopperson Re Edit (Free Download))
Jackal - Power Move (Original Mix)
Yosi Horikawa - Beer (Fulgeance Disco Aishiteru Reprise) (First Word)
Brother To Brother - Vibrations
Page One - Thank Goodness I Gotta Good Woman
Evil Needle - Another smooth ride
Dom Thomas - After Midnight
Orlando Julius - My Girl
Pure Essence - Wake Up (Part 1 & 2)
The New Mastersounds - Soul Sista (Record Kicks)
Odyssey - He's Coming Back (Original Mix)
Homeboy Sandman - Personal Ad (Produced by Professor Brian Oblivion)
Syrup - Sink Mess
The Chi-lites - Are You My Woman (Bobby Cooper Edit)
Gizelle Smith - The Time Is Right For Love (45 Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Johnny Hammond - Tell me what to do (Whiskey Barons rework)
Paul White - Fighting To Dance (R&S Records)
Sinkane - How We Be (City Slang)

Neil Bopperson #13

01 Sep 2014 @ 22:00


Excelsior - People Make the World Go Round (BBE)
Brief Encounters - Human (Sounds Of The Universe)
Keyboard - I Wish You Know (Soundway)
The Heavy - Coleen (Ninja Tune)
Homeboy Sandman - America, the Beautiful (Stones Throw)
DJ Shadow - Ghost Town (Free Download)
Mariachi El Bronx - Revolution Girls (Super Guachin Remix)
Ptaki - Jax Ptaki (OYE Records)
Marlena Shaw - Woman Of the Ghetto (Akshin AliZadah remix)
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time FREE DOWNLOAD
Ptaki - Ponure Miasto (OYE Records)
80's Child - Rocket Ship (ISM Records)
Chaka Khan - Chaka's Night In Tunisia (Scrimshire Edit) (Free Download)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Do You (Five Easy Pieces)
Bill Withers - Who Is He & What Is He To You (Leftside Wobble Edit)
Shagabond - Corduroy
Mocean Worker - Shama Lamma Ding Dong (Jazz & Milk)
Mulatu Astatke - Yekermo Sew - A Man Of Experience And Wisdom
The Braz Gonsalves 7 - Raga Rock (Jazzman Records)
The Shaolin Afronauts - Sissoko (FreeStyle)
Whole Truth - Myth Dub
Con Funk Shun - Gotta Be Enough
The Isley Brothers - Rock You Good
Miles Tacket - Everything (On the Sly Remix) (Free Download)
Gene Dudley Group - No Trouble On The Mountain (Wah Wah 45s)
Orlando JULIUS - Disco Hi-Life (2009 edit) (Hot Casa Records)
Michael Boothman - What you Won't do for Love

Neil Bopperson #12

05 Août 2014 @ 22:00


Neal Hefti – The Odd Couple
DJ Shadow – I’ve Been Trying
Brief Encounter – Total Satisfaction (Sounds Of The Universe)
Lee Dorsey – Who’s Gonna Help a Brother Get Further
Jimmy Randolph – Summertime (Popcorn)
Shirley Johnson – Feels So Good
Dom Thomas – Eleanor (Brutal Music)
Al Dobson Jr – Camaoroon Central (Rhythm Section)
Al Dobson Jr – Live at Central Hotel (Rhythm Section)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Use Me Up (5 Easy Pieces)
Al Dobson Jr - Santiago Black (Ptaki Remix) (Rhythm Section)
KeyBoard – Hungry Man (Soundway)
Henri-Pierre Noël – Afro Funk Groove (Wah Wah 45s)
The Ventures – Here Comes The Judge (Tramp)
Dicky Oliver – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag (Schema)
Skinshape – Grandma’s Hand (Wah Wah 45s)
Resonators – Gold Getter (Wah Wah 45s)
Genuwine – Pony (Tobrock Edit)
Regaesta – Move Over
Alex Perdu – She Wants it Black (Schema)
Ralph Macdonold – I Need Someone (Columbia)
Odyssey – Together (ISM Records)
Tom Browne – Mr. Business (Arista)
Claude - Françoise (Musique Large)
Jacob Collier – Don’t You Worry About a Thing (Scott C retouch) (Unreleased)
Blawan – Get Me Down
Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Harpy (Hypercolour)
Brass Construction – Partyline
Metro Area – Read My Mind (IRIS)
Sky – Let Love Shine
Solitaire - I Still Want Your Love (LPZ remix)
Celestial Choir - Stand On The Word (Leftside Wobble Edit)

Neil Bopperson #11

07 Juil 2014 @ 22:00


Ned Doneny – To Prove My Love (Numero Group)
Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – You Gotta Move
Ike & Tina Turner – Ghetto Funk
The Salsoul Orchestra – Nice n Naasty
Ugly Duckling – A Little Samba – (LeftSide Wobble edit)
Souleance – Segrados Do Samba (First Word)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Fire Burning (Five Easy Pieces)
DopeGems – One Night Affair
Floating Points – King Bromeliad (Eglo)
Wayne Snow – Red Runner (Tartelet Recordings)
Chassol – Odisii Part 2 – Emotif (Yuksek remix) (Tricartel)
Moon Bounce – Shake (Grind Select)
Hiatus Kaiyote - The World It Softly Lulls (Dan Marshall edit)
Bunty – We Are Here – (Clap! Clap! Remix)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV – The Hustler (Five Easy Pieces)
Skinshape – Live By The Day (Horus Records)
Terry Sinclair – Clown Suit (Tramp Records)
Butch Cassidy Soundsystem – Cissy Strut
Third Coast Kings – Errol Flynns (Record Kicks)
Lenis Guess – Working For My Baby (Tramp Records)
Pedro Miguel y sus Maracaibos - Piraña (Tiger’s Milk Records)
Los Miticos Del Ritmo - Outro Muerde El Polvo (Soundway)
Alex G – Promise (Free Download)
Sohn – Tempest (4AD)
Nightmares On Wax – Dextrous (JD Twitch Optimo Remix) (Warp)
Chassol – Indiakids (Tricatel)
John Fiddy & Sammy Burdson - Moving Along (Buried Treasure)
Alan Parker Feat. Madeline Bell – That’s What Friends Are For (KPM)
Sammy Burdson - New Design (Buried Treasure)
Henri Pierre Noel – Afro Latin Groove (Wah Wah 45s)
Shina Williams - Agboju Logun (Sofrito)

Neil Bopperson #10

02 Juin 2014 @ 22:00


Henri Pierre Noel - Funky Spider Dance (Wah Wah 45s)
African Roots Of Jazz - The Healer Don't Break (Love and Haight)
Dena Deadly - 1608 (Counterflow)
Eliot Lipp - Fly Away Baby (Part 2) (Free Download)
Reginald Omas Mamode IV - Hold It Together (5 Easy PIeces)
The Four Tops - Aint No Woman LIke The One I Got (J Lah Edit)
Third Coast Kings - West Grand Boulevard (FreeStyle)
Amral's Trinadad Cavaliers - It Sure Is Funky (BBE)
The Sumo Brothers - I Love Music (Umoja Edit)
Cookin In 3 Burners - Losin' Streak (Freestyle)
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Ghaziyah (Mashi)
Led Zeppelin - Ramble On (Souleance Edit)
Montana – Warp Factor II (Atlantic)
The Soul Fantastics – Ain’t No Sunshine (Soundway)
Willie West – Fairchild (Josie Records)
Slide 5 – Outerspace (Ubiquity Records)
Alain Toussaint – Get Out Of My Life Woman (Bell Records)
The Lost Generation – This Is The Lost Generation (Brunswick)
Richie Phoe – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You (Wah Wah 45s)
Gary Burton Quartet – Las Vegas Tango (Atlantic)
Handsome Boy Modeling School - Sunshine (Tommy Boy)
Beastie Boys - Namaste (Grand Royal)
Paul Mcartney - Darkroom
Rupie Edwards - Skanga (Feeling Irie)
Ben Harper - With My Own Two Hands (Virgin)
***Unknown*** - Madmen
London Afrobeat Orchestra - Occupy (Clause For remix)
Koari - Good Life (Mr Bongo)
Paulo Fedreghingi - Please Don't Leave
Lorde - Ribs (Ryan Hemsworth remix)
Debruit - Congo Whoomp (Musique Large)

Neil Bopperson #9

05 Mai 2014 @ 22:00


Boogsie - Cant You See Me
Exit 9 - Jive Man
Steelye Dan - Do It Again (Vages version)
William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You've Got
Doobie Bothers - What A Fool Believes (Fingerman edit)
Rick James - Mary Jane (Hotbox Boogie edit)
Pieces Of A Dream - Yo Frat
Kirk Thorne - Mr Magic
FunkelikaBosa - 21st Century Funk
Too Many Zooz - Get Busy
Ray Lugo & His Boogaloo Orchestra - Terremoto (Freestyle)
The Spandettes - Dig Deeper
Nathan Haines & Marlena Shaw - Squire For Hire
Billy Squire - The Big Beat
Danny White - Natural Soul Brother
Ike & Tina Turner - Bet You Can't Kiss Me
Geno Washington - Different Strokes
Little Willie John - It Only Hurts a LIttle While
Cosmo Sheldrake - The Moss
Butering Trio - Falafel
Clap Clap - Mentana (Black Acre)
Sroczynski Prus - Final Wielkiej Cioty
Scrimshire - Emperor (Stubborn Heart remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
The Complainers - Bacon Rolls
Letherette - The One
Jill Scott - Golden (Kaytranada remix)
Four Tet - Angel Echoes
Radiohead - Weird Fishes (Amp Live edit)
Roni Size - Watching Windows
The Dø - Too Insistent

Neil Bopperson #8

07 Avr 2014 @ 22:00


The Gene Dudley Group - Hi Lo Bay (Disco Dub remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Mo Kolours - In Her Eyes (Funk Heart)
Linkwood Family - Piece Of Mind
Artifacts - Hang Tight (Free Download)
Harry T James - For A Lazy Day
Frank Strazeiri - Cloudburst
Hackney Colliery Band - Super Hero Disco (The Reflex Edit) (Unreleased) (Wah Wah 45s)
Romare - Jimmy (Free Download)
The Spandettes - Hunk Of Heaven
The Five Corners Quintet - Hot Rod
Electric Swing Circus - The Penniless Optimist (Sam Redmore Edit)
Pieces of A Dream - Touch Me In Spring
Bill Withers - Who Is He To You (Johnny Miller Edit) (Gamm)
Roman Flugal - Cookie Dust
Zara McFarlane - Open Heart (Antoine Abayomi Edit) (Unreleased)
Okeyerema Asante - Sabi (Get Down)
Ralph MacDonald - Calypso Breakdown
Richie Havens - Dreams
Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce
Dreadsquad - Caravan (Radikal Guru Remix)
Silkie - Preachers Pain
Resonators - Vipers (Wah Wah 45s)
The Chosen Few - Daniel

Neil Bopperson #7

03 Mar 2014 @ 22:27

Brother To Brother - Phattenin'
Rose Royce - Love Don't Live Here Any More (LNTG rework)
RJD2 - To All Of You
Colman Brothers - On A Better Day (Easy Access Orchestra remix)
The Cure - Lullaby (Long Version)
Kan Sano - Everyone Loves The Sunshine (Leftside Wobble Edit)
Esta - SunnySide Up
The Liduja Sisters - Life's Gone Down Low
Pieces Of A Dream - Mt Airy Groove
Wally Badorou - Chief Inspector
Napz - Aint Got no Money (Quincy Jointz edit)
Micheal McDonald - Keep Forgetting (Not in Love Anymore) (LNTG rework)
Crystal Bats - Falling In Love (Duke Slammer Edit)
Nightmares on Wax - Better Get Ready (Warp)
Jonny Miller - Fela Edit (GAMM)
A Tribe Called Red - Bread & Cheese
Mo Kolours - Mike Black
D'Angelo - Africa (J Boogie Edit)
Kon - You're In Love
Laszlo - Crazy Cuckoo
Scrimshire - Everything you Say (LV remix) (Wah Wah 45s)

+ Josey Rebelle special mix

Neil Bopperson #6

03 Fév 2014 @ 22:00


Julius Brockington - Hold On To This Feeling
Guynakatsu - Low Slung Disco Parts 1 & 2
DJ Izem - Hajja
Toast Dawg - Delayed Flight
Booker T - Flamingo
Hackney Colliery Band - All The Lights (Wah Wah 45s)
Dick Jordon - I Want Her Back
Bruno's Boogaloo Orchestra - Push It
Findlay Brown - Losing The Will To Survive
Henri Pierre Noel - The 5th Of Beethoven (Reflex Redit) (Wah Wah 45s)
Candy Flip - Aqua Libra
The Whitest Boy Alive - High On The Heels
Bleecker - Hatha Rhythm
Zara McFarlane - Open Heart (Brownswood)
Blludd Relations - Up
Kirkis - BumpSweat
Ian Guthrie - FlashMan
12th Floor - Take It Back (Wah Wah 45s)
Artifakts - So Much Better
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On (Sam Redmore re edit)
Fulgeance - He Knows (Musique Large)
The Cactus Channel - Wooden Boy Part 1
Ye Mighty - Beyond (First Word Records)
Veratta Dillard - That's Why I Cry
The Olympics - I'll Do A Little Bit More
Doug Heim Blunt - Gentle Persuasion
Hudson People - Trip To Your Mind (LTJ Edit)
Esta - Moet
Millosh - You Fill Me
Ibibio Sound Machine - Let's Dance (Soundway)
Janis Joplin - Over

Neil Bopperson #5

06 Jan 2014 @ 21:00


Rhye - The Fall (Polydor)
The Expansions - Lavender
Omar - The Man (Freestyle)
Gene Dudley Group - Waxing Unwaxed Lemons (Wah Wah 45s)
Bibio - You (Warp)
James Blake - Take a Fall For Me feat. RZA (Polydor)
Lil Silva - The Split (White Label)
Rustie - Slasherr (Flume Edit)
Scrimshire - Convergent (Wah Wah 45s)
Debruit & Alsarah - Alkoan Baladi (Soundway)
Trwabador - Mountain (Great Pop Supplement)
Osunlade - Dionne (Yoruba Records)
Thundercat - Oh Scheit it's X (Brainfeeder)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good at Being in Trouble
Fakear - Japan
Mop Mop - Kamakumba
DJ iZem - Tribute to Fela (Free DL)
Blludd Relations - US 90
José James - Trouble (Blue Note)
John Wizards - Muizenberg
Floating Points - Wires (Eglo)
Letherette - The One (Ninja Tune)
Zero 7 - ON My Own
Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamarra Feat Q Tip
Fulgeance - Never Ending (Musique Large)
Lea Lea - Black or White (Goth Trad remix) (Free DL) (Wah Wah 45s)
Souleance - Brother (First Word)
William Onyeabor - Fantastic Man

Neil Bopperson #4

02 Déc 2013 @ 22:00


Collocutor & Jessica Lauren - Instead (Emanative Remix) (On The Corner Records)
Teotima - Gloves Off (First Word)
John Wizards - I'm Still A Serious Guy
Olympic Cyclone Band - Good King Wenceslas
Funkommunity - 44 Funk
Tehbis - Bristol Way (Groovement)
Laura Mmvula - Green Garden (Debian Blak Remix)
Fulgeance - Stupido (Musique Large)
Donna Chambray Loren - Fly Race
Doves - Firesuite
Omar - Treat You (Opolopo remix)
Part Time Heroes - Done (Throwing Snow remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Icebird feat. RJD2 & Aaron Livingstone - Charmed Life
Lady - Money (Truth & Soul)
Montana - Warp Factor 2
The Soul Session - Horse With No Name (Bopperson re edit) (Free Download)
BLLuDD Relations - Where Do Words Come From
Débruit & Alsarah - Khartoum (Soundway)
Letherette & Dorian Concept - D&T (Slick Shoota Re edit) (Free Download)
Dorian Concept - Tropical Hands
Soul Jazz Orchestra - Conquering Lion
Seu Jorge - Tu Queria
The Nylon Brothers - You Got A Tiger (Mocambo)
William Oneyebor -The Way To Win Your Love
The Chi Lites - Changing For You
Duke Slammer - Gossip
Recloose - Dust
Olympic Cyclone Band - Jingle Bells


Neil Bopperson #3

04 Nov 2013 @ 21:00


Alister Johnson - Invitation (Wah Wah 45s)
The Dynamics - For the Love of Money
Elmore Fudd - Golden Goat
The Years - Remember June
Dom Thomas - Will You Spare the Words For Me (Brutal Music)
Beatfanatic - Deep Love
A Tribe Called Red - Bread & Cheese
Zero 7 - On my Own
Willliam Oneyebor - Body and Soul
Pure Essence - Third Rock From the Sun
Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together
Shuggie Otis - Out Uh Ma Head
Artifakts - Need More You (Free Download)
Bobby Caldwell - What you Won't do for Love (DZ remix)
Betty Harris - Trouble with my Lover
DJ Izem - ITT (Free Download)
Swindle - Forest Funk
Debruit & Alsarah - Alkoan Baladi (Soundway)
Skinshape - Grandma's Hands (Vocal at 21) (FREE DOWNLOAD WAH WAH 45S)
Junip - Oba La Vem Ela. (Mr Bongo)
Belle - Infinity
Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today (Dub Version)
Slicker - God Bless, This Mess
The Flaming Lips - The Wizard Turns on
James Blake - Take a Fall For Her
HandBook - Pure emptiness
Lowrell - Mellow Mellow

Neil Bopperson #2

07 Oct 2013 @ 22:00


Richie Phoe - I Want to Do a Little Something Freaky To You (Forthcoming on Wah Wah 45s)
FrootFul - Ernie's Journey
Andrew Bird - I
Shuggie Ottis - Strawberry Letter 23
Eliot Lipp - Sentinel
Greyboy - Genevieve (ft. Bart Davenport)
Boom and Birds - Estaba (Climber remix)
Saul Williams - Twice the First Time
Odetta - Hit Or Miss
Lee Dorsey - Get Out My Life Woman
J Felix - Lady T (Groovement Volume One) (Free download)
Adele - Chasing Pavements (Various Production Remix)
Operation Scar - That Hex (Unreleased)
Red Snapper - Thomas The Fib (Mr Scruff remix)
Bunty - Enemy (Free download)
Richie Phoe - Thriller (Forthcoming on Wah Wah 45s)
Brass Construction - Walking The Line
Loki Lorado - All That
Rae & Christian - Dreaming In Detroit (Free download)
The Dø - Too Insistent
Staygold - WallPaper
Dr Rubberfunk - The Owner
Lana Del Lips - Summertime Sadness (Ryan Hemsworth remix)
Debian Blak - Idiot Stem (Scrimshire remix)
Storm - Look Right Through (MK remix)
Dorian Concept - Vertical Output
Kyodai - Breaking
Souleance - Broodbecker (First Word)
Krystal Klear - Addiction (Rinse)
Nadie Le Fond - Three Way Situation (James Glass edit)
Micheal Boothman - What U Won't Do For Love

Neil Bopperson #1

02 Sep 2013 @ 22:00


The Expansions - Lavender (Free download)
Beta Hector - Boi Peixe
Rhye - Open (Ryan Hemsworth remix)
Clause For - Original Whack Off (Modern Soul Recordings)
Elliot Lipp - Sneakin"
Al Green - Let's Stay Together (Artifacts edit)
Tall Black Guy - Payback
Curtis Mayfield - Tripping Out
Raphael Saadiq - Chick Like You
John Cameron - Swamp Fever
Omar - The Man
Zero 7 - Lo
Bibio - YOU (Warp Records)
Captain Planet - Ram Ad
Souleance - Sauce Samouraï (First Word Records)
Danny Breaks - Jellyfish
TypeSun - The PL
Fakear - Morning in Japan
The Bees - Listening Man
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Holy Roller
Wrong Tom & Mark Professor - Oystah Card
Lea Lea - Apartheid - SkinShape Remix (Wah Wah 45s)
Hackney Colliery Band - Inner City Life (Wah Wah 45s)
Mo Kolours - Mini Culcha (Beautiful Swimmers remix)
Kid Fonque - 2 Sides
Bev Lee Harling - Do Right (Suonho Remix) (Wah Wah 45s)
Comfort Fit - Moonshine Navigator (First Word Records)
DRC Music - Kinshasa One Two (Bopperson edit)
Sir Victor Uwaifo - Ohue (Frankie Francis & Simbad edit)
Nina Simone - Sea Lion (Scrimshire edit) (Free download)
Lea Lea - The Road (DJ Vadim remix) (Free download) (Wah Wah 45s)

The Bar

6 rue Beaurepaire
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Lun. - Ven.
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Depuis 2009, Le Mellotron joue une partition singulière qui rassemble une communauté toujours plus grande d'amoureux de musique. Installé au coeur de Paris, Le Mellotron bat au rythme de la ville et se nourrit de sa diversité, de ses rues et ses passants. Il en émane une musique profonde, essentielle qui s'inscrit dans les âmes, dans l'espace et le temps.

Le Mellotron is all about people and music. In the beginning it was a blog that quickly takes the shape of a webradio gathering a growing community of music curators and lovers. Located in a bar just steps from Place de la Republique, in the heart of Paris, Le Mellotron beats day after day to the rhythm of the city, its people and streets. We strongly believe in a an emerging parisian musical scene, moved by its curiosity, able to capture and transform its worldwide influences. LeMellotron will be its amplifier.