Bla Bla Beats #4

Bla Bla Beats #4


Beat 1 - Soeur OG
Bignoaze - Sunro
BangBang - BoumBaptiste
Figub Brazlevic - From ghetto to galaxies feat Bluestaeb & Noritsu
Figub Brazlevic - Do ya tThang (Whateva It Is)
Figub Brazlevic - 90s all stars
Figub Brazlevic - The rising
Figub Brazlevic - Take my life feat Noritsu
Figub Brazlevic - Members of the head nod clan
Figub Brazlevic - Departure
Figub Brazlevic - Head no cartel
Figub Brazlevic - Bosnian Syndicate
Figub Brazlevic - Le mélomance
Sun - RobotKotch
CLoudlight - Eskimo
Pet Monster Shotglass - FlyLo
Beat 08 - Soeur OG
Beat 16 - Soeur OG
Fall in love - FlyLo
Massage Situation - FlyLo



  1. Somebody

    On soundcloud you promise a tracklist over here!
    I cant find it...?

  2. @Somebody you can ask a tracklist at

  3. Julian

    How can i get information on the tracklist of #23? Would be great. Many thx j.

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