Pierre Wax Shows

Pierre Wax #34

Tracklist :

Finis Africae "Ceremonia Magica En El Estanque" (Un Dia En El Parque / 1985 / Grabaciones Accidentales)
ESG "Be Good To Me" (Step Off / 2002 / Soul Jazz Records)
The Undisputed Truth "Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World)" (Face To Face With The Truth / 1971 / Gordy/Tamla Motown)
Jimi Hendrix "Angel (The Reflex Revision)" (Million Sellers: Rock Edition / 2017)
Ruth Copeland Feat. Parliament "Play With Fire" (I Am What I Am / 1971 / Invictus)
Eddie Hazel "California Dreaming" (Game, Dames And Guitar Thangs / 1977 / Warner Bros. Records)
Shoot "Mean Customer (Psychemagik Edit)" Unknown (Psychemagik Archive 2009-2017 / Psychemagik)
Larry Jon Wilson "Farther Along" (Let Me Sing My Song To You / 1976 / Monument)
Jeff Bridges "Lost in Space (Ole Smokey's Extended Edit)" (John And Marie / 2016)
Tony Joe White '(I've Got A) Thing About You Baby" (The Train I'm On / 1972 / Warner Bros. Records)
Broken Glass "Rather You Than Me" (Rather You Than Me / 1981 / Citysound Records)
Ish Ledesma "Faster Than A Speeding Bullet (Scotti Re-Edit)" (Faster Than A Speeding Bullet / 2011 / Sun Sound)
Stavros Xarhakos "Vale Ki Allo Piato Sto Trapezi (Ole Smokey's Instrumental Interlude)" (Vale Ki Allo Piato Sto Trapezi / 2016)
Donovan "Season Of The Witch" (Sunshine Superman / 1966 / Epic)
Money Mark "Sunday Gardena Blvd." (Mark's Keyboard Repair / 1995 / Mo' Wax)
D.J. Rogers "Celebration" (D.J. Rogers / 1973 / Shelter Records)
Psychemagik "Brazukas" Psychemagik Archive 2009-2017 / Psychemagik)
Mudd & Pollard "Villa Stavros" (N7 Odyssey / 2017 / Claremont 56)
Elkin & Nelson "Abran Paso - Ahoa (Enrolle)" (The Sound Of Mercury Rising Compiled With Love By DJ Harvey - Volume 1 / 2017 / Pikes Records)
The Time And Space Machine "Vision Om" (Volume 3 / 2010 / 5D Recording)
Bill Plummer "The Look Of Love" (Bill Plummer & The Cosmic Brotherhood / 1968 / Impulse!)
Sailor "Down By The Docks" (Down By The Docks / 1977 / Columbia)
Rabo & Snob "Together" (You Get By / 2016 / Whiskey Disco)
The Beat Broker "Larceny Dub" (Satin Kimono / 2016 / Universal Cave)
Ruby Winters "Hit Me Right (Mr. Given Raw Edit)" (Super Cuts V3 / 2015 / FKR)

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Depuis 2009, Le Mellotron joue une partition singulière qui rassemble une communauté toujours plus grande d'amoureux de musique. Installé au coeur de Paris, Le Mellotron bat au rythme de la ville et se nourrit de sa diversité, de ses rues et ses passants. Il en émane une musique profonde, essentielle qui s'inscrit dans les âmes, dans l'espace et le temps.

Le Mellotron is all about people and music. In the beginning it was a blog that quickly takes the shape of a webradio gathering a growing community of music curators and lovers. Located in a bar just steps from Place de la Republique, in the heart of Paris, Le Mellotron beats day after day to the rhythm of the city, its people and streets. We strongly believe in a an emerging parisian musical scene, moved by its curiosity, able to capture and transform its worldwide influences. LeMellotron will be its amplifier.